TiVo Relaunches Mini With Backlit Remote (and price hike)

Although TiVo appears to be predominately focused on their new Android TV streaming stick, the legacy retail DVR line has not been forgotten. And the discontinued TiVo Mini VOX has been replaced by the TiVo Mini Lux. As TiVo PR has recently seemed somewhat unfamiliar with the product lineup, in addition to response times ranging … Read more

Zoom Keeps Mic Open, Even When Muted (iOS)

As most have read, Zoom’s video conferencing security safeguards remain a work in progress. And now, via Apple’s iOS 14 privacy protections, we can clearly see Zoom keeps a “muted” mic open on iPhones and iPads. As you can see in the image above, my microphone is supposedly disabled (lower left), yet iOS indicates a … Read more

Caavo Launches Netflix Watch Party

Caavo has repurposed their deep-linking, time-stamp smartness to launch a timely and hardware-free Netflix watch party. Well, the Watch With Friends experience does require some hardware. Just none produced by Caavo. Whomever is hosting would establish a watch party in the Watch With Friends iOS or Android app for Roku and Apple TV playback. Folks … Read more

TiVo Stream 4K Untrusted by Google; Revocation Delinks Nest Products

UPDATE 1 (7/13 PM) Don’t revoke access yet. That may be one trigger for home deletion, given first-hand experience. I was tipped off to TiVo potentially having inappropriate access to Google accounts. Sadly, I can confirm something is amiss (as pictured above) with the TiVo Stream 4K. Beyond mere access to information, some suspect the … Read more

Echo Show 8 Down To $90

Get This Echo Show 8 Deal The Amazon Echo Show 8 was already $30 off this week, but has dropped another $10 today – bringing it down to a fairly comfortable $90. While I can’t recommend the smaller and under-powered Echo Show 5 (down to $60 today), the 8 strikes a good balance of size … Read more

Tablo Ups The Ante As TiVo Retreats

This is a big step. Reducing the storage friction and technological hurdle (for some) significantly expands their potential market. https://t.co/8Lz811sRkL — Dave Zatz (@davezatz) July 7, 2020

Rethinking The Home Office During Max Telework

While I count myself amongst the first generation of remote tech workers in the mid-aughts, treadmill desk and all (ugh), I’ve largely been office-bound the last many years. As such, when my employer sent me home earlier this year, I (like many others) had some reconfiguration to do. While my comfort and productivity are significantly … Read more

Philips Hue Sister Brand WiZ Gets WiFi Switch

We all know (and mostly love) the Philips Hue line of connected lighting… and much more, these days. But not everyone is familiar with its sister brand WiZ (via acquisition) consisting of economical WiFi bulbs. Beyond a hubless approach and more favorable pricing, when comparing WiZ to Hue, one of the knocks has been a … Read more