Channels DVR Software Now Controls Tablo TV Hardware

On the eve of the Slingbox Shutdown, placeshifting remains alive and well, both institutionally and amongst us geeky… as Channels DVR can now latch onto Tablo hardware. For those unaware, Tablo is a line of network tuners with subscription-based DVR capabilities. Without the subscription, Tablo is an inexpensive way to stream over-the-air antenna television around … Read more

Save Your Slingbox (if you act fast!)

As discussed earlier this week, DISH is officially shuttering Slingbox in a few days when they bring the servers down. However, given the number of inquiries received, I began investigating alternatives and have identified the most viable solution to keep your video streams a’flowing… Over the last several months, Gerry Dubois of Nova Scotia has … Read more

Philips Hue Is Now Matter Certified

The Philips Hue Bridge (046677458478) is now Matter-certified… and presumably most downstream Hue accessories, like bulbs and motion detectors, will benefit. As to when we consumers gain these capabilities, that remains unknown. Although filing paperwork indicates the bridge requires firmware version 65536 or higher (and that number doesn’t map in an obvious way to the … Read more

Seven More Days of Slingbox

Welp. It’s come to this. Slingbox servers will be shut down forever come November 9th. At which point all remaining devices will be bricked. * As part of the original Sling Media team, initially in an advisory role followed by full-time employment, redefining media consumption was a wild and fulfilling ride. But, like the personal … Read more

Amazon’s Upcoming Ring Car Cam Detailed In Video

With Ring Car Alarm seemingly poised to launch, I began reinvestigating the status of Amazon’s automative companion… and have compiled several months of Ring Car Cam clues suggesting, that it too, is headed towards release. Up top, you’ll see I acquired a newer and higher resolution Ring Car Cam image since the last time I … Read more

Amazon’s Ring Car Alarm Nears Launch

After two years of radio silence, I was convinced Amazon had ceased development of Ring’s line of automotive accessories. Yet, in the closing days of October, new info has emerged which confirms the Ring Car Alarm is still in play and release may be imminent. Specifically, about a week ago, the large header image above … Read more

Meta Quest’s Quixotic Marketing

From where I sit, Meta Quest marketing continues to falter. They increased the Quest 2’s price point from $300 to $400 at the same time existing customers largely tune out or abandon Horizon Worlds – their VR centerpiece, promoted via a Super Bowl ad that ran a reported $13 million. To further poison their own … Read more

TiVo Goes Back To The (Linux) Well

As Xperi is decoupled from its intellectual property business, to sidestep “channel conflict,” the company continues to crank away on their Roku-esque aspirations by turning the TiVo Stream platform into a television OS. Revealed two years ago, and arriving only a year late, the company’s first partnership is poised to begin producing Vestel televisions “Powered … Read more