Ring Links Chamberlain MyQ & Moen Flo

For reasons that aren’t yet entirely clear (to me, anyway), the Ring app now provides tiles to launch the Moen Flo and Chamberlain MyQ apps alongside existing and fully integrated 3rd party smart locks. Interestingly, Moen recently defected from the IFTTT platform and MyQ is an outlier when it comes to Alexa support – their … Read more

Fitbit Will Find Your Phone

Although prior Versa models won’t be receiving Fitbit OS 5.0, the tracking company has not yet forsaken us. The brand spanking new SpO2 face rightfully received most of the media attention earlier this month. Yet, the 71.6.19 firmware update also enables a ‘Find Phone’ app… with said Android or iPhone producing a piercing shriek when … Read more

On 15 Years Of Blogging

I hadn’t planned to pen any reflections on my 15th year blogiversary, but this drive by comment last week was an amusing impetus: Wow! I remember when “journalists” had a basic understanding of English grammar, sentence structure, and and communication skills. The author of this piece of drivel fails on all three counts. It seems … Read more

Wyze To Water Your Lawn

When I was first tipped off to the Wyze Sprinkler months ago (app shot below), I had envisioned something akin to the Eve – which brings HomeKit smarts to a spigot. However, as everyone’s favorite ADD importer has moved forward, it’s become clear the company intends undercut the highly regarded Rachio with a multizone sprinkler … Read more

Unpacking The Fitbit Versa 3

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the Fitbit Versa 3 ($229), as it addresses a number of my Versa 2 complaints. And while “the press” remain bound by embargo, despite widespread retail availability, real customers have started chiming in. But before we get ahead of ourselves, owning both a Versa 2 and Apple Watch Series 3, I … Read more

TiVo Expands Retail Footprint & Device Capabilities

Our very own Adam Miarka stumbled upon a notable TiVo Stream 4K display at Wal-Mart earlier this week. And, although this isn’t TiVo’s first retail rodeo with the Bentonville behemoth, it’s been awhile. Further, a sizable endcap display like represents a significant financial investment by the DVR pioneer, in addition to signaling they still have … Read more

Here Comes The Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite

Beyond the new eero 6 routers, via WinFuture, we now know Amazon is also posed to refresh at least the lower end of their Fire TV lineup later this week. Enter: the Fire TV Stick Lite. As with its predecessors, the Lite is a relatively non-descript HDMI USB dongle. However, hopefully this new model features … Read more

Wyze Enlists Former Dolby Engineers For Upcoming Headphones

From the outside looking in, Wyze certainly appears unfocused — not quite sure what they want to be when they grow up. However, product management by chaos theory is great fodder for blogging. As such, Wyze is moving beyond home automation and health gadgetry into… headsets?! Originally leaked on Twitter back in April, via a … Read more