This Is The New Sonos Playbar

Nearly one hundred years after launch, the Sonos Playbar is finally getting a refresh. Beyond drastically different styling of Sonos’ first home theater offering, Apple AirPlay 2 seems like a lock and Dolby Atmos rumors are swirling. However, these company renders aren’t entirely complete given the obscured power outlet and nary an HDMI port to … Read more

TiVo Stream 4K Delayed, Misses April Launch

TiVo’s retail pivot away from the traditional DVR towards a smaller form factor Internet streamer has seemingly hit a bump in the road. The Android TV-powered TiVo Stream 4K was originally slated for an April release. And, while the world has drastically changed in recent months, TiVo indicated the Stream 4K was on track and … Read more

Hands on the $35 Blink Mini Video Camera

In something of a pivot, the smart home company known for inexpensive, battery-powered video cams has gone alternating current with the $35 Blink Mini. And, I gotta tell ya, it’s a cute little bugger. The camera anyway, if not the mount. In this space, the Blink Mini’s nearest competitor is the $26 Wyze Cam v2. Whereas … Read more

Wyze Outdoor Camera Nears Release

By way of the FCC, leaked packaging, and app assets we get our first good looks at the upcoming Wyze Outdoor Cam. And, as I previously disclosed, it will indeed require a (tiny) bridge. On a positive note, possibly related to the camera’s long gestation period, it appears the outdoor camera will indeed be battery … Read more

Amazon takes on Wyze with Blink Mini

In something of a pivot for Amazon’s Blink brand, the company has just introduced an indoor video camera that requires AC power. Unlike the prior rev, the new Blink Mini comes in a more palatable white finish and is aggressively priced at $35. Like Wyze, the camera plugs in via a small USB nugget. However, … Read more

Convert your Wyzecam into a Webcam

Originally posted to, then deleted from, Reddit and now disclosed by Wyze: With everybody working from home while practicing social distancing, webcams are in huge demand. The good ones are mostly out of stock. Our engineers took on the challenge of creating a firmware version that would turn Wyze Cam into a webcam so that you … Read more

Meet The Mysterious New Ring Doorbox

Before the new Ring Video Doorbell 3 has even hit store shelves, details of yet another upcoming smart home product has surfaced. Meet the mysterious new Ring Doorbox. While “doorbox” often refers to intercom systems, Ring’s device can be remotely locked and unlocked… leading me to believe it’d be a great way to secure a … Read more

Movies Anywhere: Stealing Defeat From The Jaws of Victory

The Movies Anywhere digital movie locker consortium has just launched Screen Pass, a beta feature that allows folks to share their purchased movies with others… as Vudu once did. However, there are a number of gotchas that Movies Anywhere spells out. Beyond the obvious limited catalog of supported movies, due to licensing issues that persist … Read more