Eyes On the Wyze Battery Cam Pro

While the Wyze Battery Cam Pro has yet to be announced, I’ve been covering its gestation since January … and have just gone eyes on with some actual hardware at my local Micro Center.

The Wyze Battery Cam Pro features a number of improvements over the Wyze Outdoor Cam 2 (that I wasn’t so fond of). For example, Wyze is going with a removable battery for more practical recharging and potential hot swapping. You can see the camera bottom door above that allows easy retrieval of the battery (and also covers a microSD slot for optional local recording). Further, the company also does away with microUSB in favor of USB-C. On the connectivity front, Wyze ditches the dedicated 2.4Ghz hub in favor of camera-native, dual band 2.4/5Ghz WiFi capabilities.

Wyze Battery Cam Pro video resolution is bumped up from the Outdoor Cam’s 1080p to 2K, as with their other “Pro” cameras – like the new floodlight. While there’s more to picture quality than pixel count, a greater number could bring additional image clarity. And, along those lines, color night vision should be improved at closer range given the newly integrated LED light bar. Some form of “Deep Sense Radar Detection” joins PIR for presumably quicker recording upon notable motion.

As to actual Wyze Battery Cam Pro performance, time will tell. Unfortunately, given the rudimentary mount, I won’t be able to hang this camera from a dormer without some hackery and the camera cannot actually be added to one’s account yet. So I didn’t make the $100 purchase today. But I do expect an imminent launch, potentially with cheaper initial pricing direct from Wyze.

10 thoughts on “Eyes On the Wyze Battery Cam Pro”

  1. The battery is USB-C, but wondering if there’s a microSD service port under the camera nub in the back? Or there’s going to be an adapter. My 7-year old was with me and didn’t allow me much time to examine the cam, as she was there to check out the Amazfit band.

  2. Hows wyze doing w their security? I left them after the continuous reliability issues (cheap comes at a price). Any idea how they stack up to Ring/Blink/Arlo?

  3. A solar panel for the new camera would be a must for me. My solar panel keeps my v1 outdoor camera at or above 95% all the time. I’m very tickled that I never have to worry about bringing it in to recharge.

  4. I don’t see 5 Ghz being that useful for that many situations, given the range limitations, but I do appreciate the increased resolution and removable battery. I have one of their pro cameras and the increased resolution really helps when you want to zoom in on an image (e.g. make out a license plate). And having an extra battery you can just quickly swap out is really nice. As to that feature, the size of the unit looks reminiscent of the current Ring Stickup Cams, but box shape rather than round.

  5. The big panel on the bottom is for the hot-swappable battery. Not sure of the capacity yet, but they’re also selling a charging dock that includes 1 battery and has slots for 2 batteries(for $24), branded in association with this camera. Due out August 1st.

  6. Angela, you don’t specify a camera, but if you’re having connection issues, try turning off WPA3 on your router. Some devices, particularly one version of the Outdoor Cam, as well as other non-Wyze devices, have issues with WPA3.

  7. I wish they would stop coming out with so many different product, concentrate on the cameras, and add ethernet support for those of us that would prefer POE cameras and the reliability that a network camera would provide over a Wifi camera.

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