Wyze Battery Cam Pro Coming Soon

As Wyze promised, 2023 is the year of the camera. Not even three weeks into January, the company has already unveiled a refreshed Pan Cam and the Wyze Cam OG. Up next, possibly leap-frogging the new floodlight cam I previously mentioned, will be a battery-powered “Pro” outdoor camera. As to branding, I’ve seen references to both Wyze Cam Outdoor Pro and Wyze Battery Cam Pro — so the shipping name remains an open question.

As with the v3 Pro, OG and Pan v3, Wyze’s newest pure outdoor offering will ship with LED lighting. On one hand, it’ll provide illumination for improved night color night vision. On the other, I can confirm the Wyze “Cam Outdoor Pro” is battery-powered and it will surely come at a cost. Also, on the power front, I suspect but cannot confirm the new Wyze Battery Cam Pro will not require a dedicated wireless basestation as its predecessors did. Which would be more efficient and cost-effective. But, could also potentially result in higher battery utilization for full-on WiFi. Incidentally, based on the below render, Wyze is changing things up with what looks like a swappable battery (resembles Ring’s) and modernized charging paradigm compared to the prior outdoor cams.

As to “Pro” features, I can confirm this camera has higher 2K video resolution than the prior 1080p Wyze outdoor cams, and will be similar to what’s found in the relatively new the Wyze Cam v3 Pro. Also, perhaps we’ll experience improved mics and speaker and/or a faster live view vs original outdoor cams, as is promised from the OG.

As with the Wyze Cam OG, Wyze appears to have cut costs by simplifying the mounting mechanism. Which may also limit its utility for some. While I was not satisfied with video quality from either of first two Wyze Outdoor cams, they did offer very flexible mounting options – including hanging upside down … via magnets. So I’m hopeful there’s at least another threaded mount on the base of the Wyze “Battery Cam Pro” or availability of some sort of enhanced mounting accessory.

No information is available on Wyze Cam Outdoor Pro pricing or timing at this point, so I’ll just go ahead and guestimate $80 within 6 weeks.

9 thoughts on “Wyze Battery Cam Pro Coming Soon”

  1. Looks chunky, hope it has a large swappable battery. The side near at the bottom looks to maybe be a squeeze clip or grab point to pull out the battery.

    Wonder if li-iron batteries will be used. They keep voltage more steady when used and that allows less DC to DC stepping, thus higher efficiency. Won’t really know it’s charge level accurately though

  2. Gabriel, thank you for the prodding. I’ve updated the post with battery+compartment imagery. Think you’re on point with your mechanism and swapability assumptions. As to size and technology, that I do not know.

  3. Hope it has motion detection through glass, although battery probably not big enough to support that feature. Also hope it can run for a week.

  4. Faster live view is one thing it WILL NOT have. In fact, you can even count on it taking longer than a standard, wired cam like Wyze cam V3.

  5. And theres no way “Nicolas” ‘got his already’. They aren’t available for sale yet so he’s full of it.

    The only people that have one are testers. Somehow, I doubt Nicolas is a hardware tester for Wyze.

  6. @Mark if that’s what you need, you better look at something other than Wyze cameras.

    Why can’t we reply directly to comments?

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