Disney World Railroad Reopens with Tron Lightcycle Preview

Following four years of ride closure due to Tron Lightcycle coaster development, plus associated pandemic-related delays and its own corresponding refurbishment, the Walt Disney World Railroad has finally reopened. The refreshed Railroad now tunnels through the new Tron Lightcycle Rollercoaster pavilion with relevant, if somewhat incongruous, audio that has period narration turning to intergalactic travel … Read more

Disney Tron Lightcycle: One Size May Not Fit All

While we’re still about a year out from the Tron Lightcycle Run, Disney recently celebrated a construction milestone in the Magic Kingdom and debuted some sample cycles to whet our appetites. And my wife mentioned a rather tall, but slender woman seemed to have some trouble getting her calves properly positioned under the support bars…. … Read more

Disney Selects Impossible Burger Over Beyond Meat

Having experimented with name-brand vegetarian, replica meat the last two years, Disney has inked a deal favoring Impossible Burger over Beyond Meat. It’s a fascinating partnership given Impossible’s well documented supply constraints. However, given my forgettable Beyond Burger at Coronado Springs last July, a texture change-up could be in order and it’s not like Disney … Read more

Ratatouille “Shirt Crawler” Revealed Ahead of EPCOT Ride Opening

As EPCOT’s historic transformation continues and Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure nears its summer opening, the FCC has revealed that a pair of remote controlled “shirt crawler” toys are en route. Coming in both Remy and Emile models, based on the Disney Pixar film, the shirt crawlers are bundled with a small cheese remote control. And, under … Read more

Before Disney+ Streaming There Were Moviebeam Downloads

Cord Cutters News recently asked, “What was your first streaming player?” And, as one might expect, quite a few “civilians” replied with Roku devices. But all sorts of digital video products and services pre-date the very first Netflix streamer and it’s fascinating to reflect upon the various technological and corporate arcs. For example, one of … Read more

Magic Kingdom Fans Pitched Disney+ Discount

As my Twitter followers well know, I’m something of a Disney fan. And, while I got in on the amazing Disney+ D23 fan club pricing, the company is now marketing park regulars and/or Annual Pass holders with mailers… that include single use Disney+ “Founders Circle” discount codes: $20 off 2-year subscriptions for $120 and $40 … Read more

Disney Movies Coming to Roku, Fire TV, and Xbox

(Reuters) – Walt Disney Co’s studio unit said customers of Amazon.com Inc and Microsoft Corp’s video services will gain apps to their online movie service. Disney Movies Anywhere can now be accessed through its new app for the Microsoft Xbox 360 and for Amazon’s Fire tablets, Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Walt Disney Studios added that it would launch the app on video streaming-device maker Roku Inc and Google Inc’s Android TV on Sept. 15, coinciding with the DVD release of “Cinderella.”


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Disney Prohibits WatchESPN Streaming On Roku TV

By way of USA Today and Rob Pegoraro, we’re reminded that while Roku TV provides a whole lot of good, the over-the-top experience remains compromised due to deep-seated fear and loathing amongst some content providers. Specifically, Disney has prohibited access to the WatchESPN app and a raft of Disney-branded channels available … on traditional Roku boxes. And, of course, … Read more