Ratatouille “Shirt Crawler” Revealed Ahead of EPCOT Ride Opening

As EPCOT’s historic transformation continues and Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure nears its summer opening, the FCC has revealed that a pair of remote controlled “shirt crawler” toys are en route.

Coming in both Remy and Emile models, based on the Disney Pixar film, the shirt crawlers are bundled with a small cheese remote control. And, under one’s shirt, you place a simple plate, magnetic or otherwise, that backs the bottom of Remy (below, click to enlarge). I also imagine there will be character-specific fabric or plastic coverings over the mice, that wouldn’t necessarily make it into these regulatory filing photos. The remote is powered by three watch batteries, that will likely outlive the toy, while the mouse itself recharges via microUSB.

While the far simpler magnetic Groot and Porg shoulder accessories run $20, despite Remy’s wireless motion capabilities, I can’t imagine he’ll cost nearly as much as the $70 Kowakian monkey-lizard – a highly detailed replica, targeting older audiences. As such, we’re probably looking at $35 – 45. Which should be low enough to move a ton of product, yet still with a profit margin large enough to help eat into Ratatouille’s reported $300 million construction costs. The ride is expected to open before July 4th, 2020.