Wyze Cam v4 on the way. But you shouldn’t patronize this company.

Hot on the heels of the new Wyze Battery Cam Pro, the company is prepared to increment the Wyze Cam v3 — which is possibly their best selling and most highly regarded WiFi camera. The upcoming Wyze Cam v4 quite clearly picks up a spotlight, as shown above and sourced from the publicly available Android … Read more

Wyze Trade-In/Up Programs Save You Money, Reduce e-Waste

Wyze is launching a small beta test to put the second of two possible Trade-In programs through its paces. While many of us treat (previously) inexpensive Wyze hardware as disposable, by offering Wyze store credits and product discounts, the company intends to reduce e-waste by simultaneously building customer loyalty and replenishing their stock of refurbished hardware … Read more

Amazon’s Blink Ups The Ante with 4th Gen Cameras

Blink is poised to refresh their camera line with 4th gen models that will likely replace 3rd gen. Of course Blink is an Amazon subsidiary, sitting alongside Ring in providing a number of monitoring solutions, that built their brand on affordability and a pair of AAs. As such, I don’t expect much change in relation … Read more

IKEA To Introduce New Smart Home Sensors

By way of June FCC filings, we learn that IKEA plans to introduce at least two new smart home sensors. In a first, the Scandinavian retailer will be offering a contact sensor. The IKEA Parasoll Open/Close Sensor is likely a two part affair — the larger main unit shown below, to include wireless capabilities, and … Read more

New Arlo Essential 2 Cameras On The Way

Seems like I’ve stumbled upon the reason much of Arlo’s line of cameras and doorbells are 40-60% off right now… as the smart home video pioneer has a number of new products in the hopper. And, two of several unreleased products I’ve identified are displayed above: The Arlo Essential 2 Video Doorbell and Arlo Essential … Read more

Wyze Home Copilot is an AI Smarthome Chatbot

By way of the US Patent and Trademark office, we learn that Wyze has been preparing a smarthome AI chatbot. And the Wyze “Home Copilot” trademark filing accounts for both app and cloud implementations, as detailed below. Downloadable software; Recorded software; Downloadable software for the artificial production of human speech and text; Downloadable software for … Read more

When Your Smart Lock Fails… Climb Through The Window

Running a “smart” home is often fraught with peril. For example, during an Internet outage you might actually have to get off the couch to manually adjust a light or thermostat. The horror! Adding insult to injury, there are also times you may have to actually break into your own home to overcome its “smarts” … Read more

The $30 Wyze Cam OG Breaks Cover

Hot on the heels of the uniquely-styled Wyze Cam Pan v3, another Wyze Cam nears release. In fact, at least one Home Depot has jumped the gun (again) with a full-on $30 Wyze Cam OG display. The Wyze team did previously indicate 2023 would be camera-centric. And here we are. In fact, I can also … Read more