Ring Beats Arlo To Pet Tracking

Announced by Amazon way back in 2019, Steve Moser and I can confirm Ring Fetch appears close to release. However, the the tracker (pictured above) may land with a new name — Ring Buddy and Ring Pet Tag are two likely candidates that we’ve encountered in our research. While Amazon Sidewalk has raised a number … Read more

Wyze Is Prepping A Floodlight Camera

Embedded within Wyze’s recent mobile application updates are references to an upcoming floodlight ensemble and a possibly related socket accessory. The Wyze floodlight includes requisite motion sensing capabilities, along with a siren to deter unwanted visitors. However, it’s unclear if these are meant to complement and accessorize the existing Wyze Cam v3, with its stellar … Read more

The Wyze Smart Home Honeymoon Is Over?

As the headline suggests, the Wyze honeymoon may be over for the upstart startup. Prices are going up. Again. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, given the unsustainability of their current, er former, business model. Due to world events, we are seeing huge cost increases on almost every material used to make smart products. … Read more

Arlo Touchless Doorbell Nears Release

Announced without imagery at CES, the Arlo Touchless Doorbell nears release. At least that’s what the tea leaves seem to suggest…. as the battery-powered Arlo doorbell renders I dug up seems to align with the press pitch: Leveraging precise Proximity Sensing Technology to gauge a visitor’s distance, the Arlo Touchless Video Doorbell zeros in on … Read more

What’s Next For Wyze

Wyze Buds Pro Case

Everyone’s favorite budget tech company Wyze has some new products in the pipeline, which should come as no surprise given their corporate relationships and general ‘throw it all against the wall to see what sticks’ approach. So, as both Wyze Home Monitoring Systems and Smart Watches begin shipping to customers, here’s some of what comes … Read more

The $10 Connected Color Bulb Is Here (no, it’s not Wyze)

The era of the $40 color bulb has concluded. For me, anyway. And I’m unwilling to actually calculate how much I’ve invested in Hue over the years, as it’d surely make me wince. For a good long while, Hue was the only game in town. But solid options have sprung up in recent years with … Read more

Arlo’s Budget Indoor Cam Nears Release

While digging through the Arlo app earlier this week (hello Chime 2), I also uncovered the Arlo Essential Indoor. Although the 1080p camera had been announced at CES, I missed it… suggesting many others did as well. Taking a page from SimpliSafe, the new Arlo cam features a retractable privacy shutter. Beyond that, there’s a … Read more

Arlo Chime 2: Unchained Melody

I opened the Arlo app for the first time in months, as a former customer, and discovered the ability to add the unannounced, unreleased Arlo Chime 2 to my account. Aside from a slight visual refresh, what seems to really set this Arlo video doorbell accessory apart from the original are its musical capabilities — … Read more