Rethinking The Home Office During Max Telework

While I count myself amongst the first generation of remote tech workers in the mid-aughts, treadmill desk and all (ugh), I’ve largely been office-bound the last many years. As such, when my employer sent me home earlier this year, I (like many others) had some reconfiguration to do. While my comfort and productivity are significantly … Read more

Philips Hue Sister Brand WiZ Gets WiFi Switch

We all know (and mostly love) the Philips Hue line of connected lighting… and much more, these days. But not everyone is familiar with its sister brand WiZ (via acquisition) consisting of economical WiFi bulbs. Beyond a hubless approach and more favorable pricing, when comparing WiZ to Hue, one of the knocks has been a … Read more

The Radical Redesign of Arlo Essential

The Arlo Essential has just been announced, with two rather surprising design decisions. For the first time in the their history, going way back to the innovative camera line launching as Vue over ten years ago, the company is doing away its iconic and infinitely practical magnetic mounting. A threaded mount may provide some benefits, … Read more

Eufy Smart Lock Hits Amazon

The Eufy Smart Lock Amazon link has just become public and, while we don’t yet know the price nor can we make a purchase, all else has seemingly been revealed. Many smart locks, like August, only require replacement of the inside portion of a lock for a simpler install and allowing you to keep a … Read more

Wyze Doorbell In The Flesh!

We knew it was in the works. And now we have production imagery of the upcoming Wyze Doorbell. Of course, Wyze’s most notable “feature” has been its budget pricing — which they generally hit by reskinning existing hardware as their own. As such, I suspect the new Wyze Doorbell could riff off a somewhat similar-looking … Read more

Ring Upgrades Entry Level Video Doorbell

While the Ring Video Doorbell 2 was the original Ring successor, and since replaced by the Ring Video Doorbell 3 line, a refreshed entry-level model has just broken cover at $100. What’s new you ask? Regarding main differences, the new Video Doorbell has 1080p HD video (vs 720p HD), an additional “near” motion zone that … Read more

Hands on the $35 Blink Mini Video Camera

In something of a pivot, the smart home company known for inexpensive, battery-powered video cams has gone alternating current with the $35 Blink Mini. And, I gotta tell ya, it’s a cute little bugger. The camera anyway, if not the mount. In this space, the Blink Mini’s nearest competitor is the $26 Wyze Cam v2. Whereas … Read more

Wyze Outdoor Camera Nears Release

By way of the FCC, leaked packaging, and app assets we get our first good looks at the upcoming Wyze Outdoor Cam. And, as I previously disclosed, it will indeed require a (tiny) bridge. On a positive note, possibly related to the camera’s long gestation period, it appears the outdoor camera will indeed be battery … Read more