Amazon’s Blink Ups The Ante with 4th Gen Cameras

Blink is poised to refresh their camera line with 4th gen models that will likely replace 3rd gen. Of course Blink is an Amazon subsidiary, sitting alongside Ring in providing a number of monitoring solutions, that built their brand on affordability and a pair of AAs. As such, I don’t expect much change in relation to pricing or power… or video quality, as transmitting more pixels and/or at higher bitrates would certainly impact battery life.

What we know for sure is that Blink is pleasingly refreshing their hardware appearance. Much as the new Arlo Essential 2 lineup will be refined while maintaining its visual identity. Likewise, I expect the company is looking to further reduce manufacturing expenditures with this iteration. On the flip side, their engineers have proven to be quite clever and I could imagine a scenario where they (and others) try to replicate the low-power edge AI that Apple removed from the licensing pool.