Roku Tests Homescreen Updates

Based on a variety of reddit threads, Roku has been testing a number of interface updates these last few months… potentially culminating in a big fall reveal, to include an overdue Roku Ultra refresh. The most notable home screen change appears to be expanding the long-standing 3×3 icon grid to a 4×4 display of streaming … Read more

Wyze Trade-In/Up Programs Save You Money, Reduce e-Waste

Wyze is launching a small beta test to put the second of two possible Trade-In programs through its paces. While many of us treat (previously) inexpensive Wyze hardware as disposable, by offering Wyze store credits and product discounts, the company intends to reduce e-waste by simultaneously building customer loyalty and replenishing their stock of refurbished hardware … Read more

Eyes On the Wyze Battery Cam Pro

While the Wyze Battery Cam Pro has yet to be announced, I’ve been covering its gestation since January … and have just gone eyes on with some actual hardware at my local Micro Center. The Wyze Battery Cam Pro features a number of improvements over the Wyze Outdoor Cam 2 (that I wasn’t so fond … Read more

Netflix Really Wants You To Upgrade

It turns out Netflix isn’t solely interested in recouping lost revenue due to password sharing as both our Roku and Fire TV streaming devices spammed prompted us to upgrade the Ultra HD (UHD) tier earlier today. Upon selecting the account holder’s profile, the above interstitial appeared, before my daughter could pull up Captain Underpants. The … Read more

TiVo Stream Activation Bricked

If you were unfortunate enough to purchase or factory reset a TiVo Stream 4K this weekend, your online video plans are on hold. Potentially until July 5th. You see, TiVo, in their infinite wisdom has taken their entire customer portal down for several days… to include TiVo Stream’s requisite web-based activation, which redirects to this … Read more

Walmart To Release Google TV Streaming Stick

Hot on the heels of the recently refreshed Onn Google TV 4K Streaming Box, Walmart is prepping what could be a new “Google TV” streaming stick based upon this new FCC filing. While I don’t actually see mention of “HDMI Stick” in a quick skim of the documentation, the “streaming device” details and label above … Read more

Amazon’s Blink Ups The Ante with 4th Gen Cameras

Blink is poised to refresh their camera line with 4th gen models that will likely replace 3rd gen. Of course Blink is an Amazon subsidiary, sitting alongside Ring in providing a number of monitoring solutions, that built their brand on affordability and a pair of AAs. As such, I don’t expect much change in relation … Read more

IKEA To Introduce New Smart Home Sensors

By way of June FCC filings, we learn that IKEA plans to introduce at least two new smart home sensors. In a first, the Scandinavian retailer will be offering a contact sensor. The IKEA Parasoll Open/Close Sensor is likely a two part affair — the larger main unit shown below, to include wireless capabilities, and … Read more