Alexa Gets The Smart Button She Deserves

I’m pleased to report that our long national nightmare is over… as Alexa finally has proper smart button accessories. Unlike Apple HomeKit, it’s been pretty barren on the physical toggle front within Alexa’s ecosystem. In my household, under duress, we’ve repurposed the discontinued Amazon Echo Buttons to trigger various routines. But they’re massive and oh-so-bright, … Read more

Stream Peacock TV Premium For Just 99 Cents

Taking a page from Hulu’s Black Friday playbook, NBC is offering up Peacock TV Premium for just 99 cents a month. Simply hit this page and use code SAVEBIG to partake. Unfortunately, this isn’t the ad-free Peacock tier that recently added local affiliate streaming. However, beyond the television and movie content catalog, select live sports … Read more

Roku Releases Half Baked Sports Hub

Roku has expanded its growing list of sidebar offerings with a new sports hub… that is surprisingly devoid of value. There are no scores, no highlights, no way to favorite teams or trigger corresponding alerts. Sporting event streaming providers are not disclosed until clicking through (where, presumably, Roku hopes you’ll pick up services you don’t … Read more

Wyze Cam v3 vs v3 Pro

Wyze just upped the ante by taking the highly capable Wyze Cam v3 to new levels with a Pro model. While these two smart cameras have much in common, there are some notable differences. And here are the ones I find significant when making purchasing decisions. Wyze Cam v3 Wyze Cam v3 Pro Cost $36 … Read more

Eufy Releases Cheaper, More Capable Apple AirTag

Anker has launched the Eufy SmartTrack Link, a $20 tracker that largely replicates the Apple AirTag. While Anker undercuts Apple by $5, the Eufy actually leans on Apple’s extensive, invaluable Find My network. Also on the cost-savings front, by including a key ring hole, you might save a few bucks on accessories. (Yes, I’m still … Read more

Dish Bricks Slingboxes (as promised)

After a brief moment of hope for Slingbox salvation, the DIY crowd is outraged as Dish has tampered with Slingbox firmware in such a way that stymies a community replacement server/software solution. But… we can’t say they didn’t warn us. From Sling’s EOL notice, originally published two years ago, an update two months ago reminds … Read more

Channels DVR Software Now Controls Tablo TV Hardware

On the eve of the Slingbox Shutdown, placeshifting remains alive and well, both institutionally and amongst us geeky… as Channels DVR can now latch onto Tablo hardware. For those unaware, Tablo is a line of network tuners with subscription-based DVR capabilities. Without the subscription, Tablo is an inexpensive way to stream over-the-air antenna television around … Read more

Save Your Slingbox (if you act fast!)

As discussed earlier this week, DISH is officially shuttering Slingbox in a few days when they bring the servers down. However, given the number of inquiries received, I began investigating alternatives and have identified the most viable solution to keep your video streams a’flowing… Over the last several months, Gerry Dubois of Nova Scotia has … Read more