Jawbone Rises From The Dead With New Jambuds

Jawbone is returning from the dead (again). Prior ownership, Aliph, is most notable for expanding relatively staid Bluetooth accessories into new markets with some panache and technological advancements under Jawbone and Jambox branding. But the company is also memorable for its rapid unscheduled disassembly, to borrow an aeronautical term, due to overinflated valuation alongside an … Read more

TiVo Smart TV Czechs In

On the topic of homegrown software platforms, TiVo-powered television sets have finally begun shipping overseas. From Xperi’s quarterly call: Within Media Platform, we’re pleased to share that Vestel has begun shipping smart TVs powered by TiVo onto the JVC brand to retailers initially in the Czech Republic. Production is now underway for additional brands with expected … Read more

Amazon replaces Android with Homegrown OS on Echo Show

Earlier this month, Janko Roettgers reported that Amazon has been preparing to transition much of its hardware lineup from Android to a home-grown, web-centric Linux variant that goes by the name Vega OS. However, the future is NOW… as Vega OS has been hiding in plain sight on the 3rd gen Echo Show 5. The … Read more

ATSC 3.0 Advocate Throws In The Towel

LG just dropped a bombshell on the FCC, as they pull ATSC 3.0 support due to patent licensing challenges. While this country has thrived on fruitful public+private technological partnerships that benefit all parties, including serving the greater good, ATSC 3.0 is not that. And hopefully the FCC backs off this nonsense (including facilitating deployment of … Read more

Wyze Cam v4 on the way. But you shouldn’t patronize this company.

Hot on the heels of the new Wyze Battery Cam Pro, the company is prepared to increment the Wyze Cam v3 — which is possibly their best selling and most highly regarded WiFi camera. The upcoming Wyze Cam v4 quite clearly picks up a spotlight, as shown above and sourced from the publicly available Android … Read more

Roku Tests Homescreen Updates

Based on a variety of reddit threads, Roku has been testing a number of interface updates these last few months… potentially culminating in a big fall reveal, to include an overdue Roku Ultra refresh. The most notable home screen change appears to be expanding the long-standing 3×3 icon grid to a 4×4 display of streaming … Read more

Wyze Trade-In/Up Programs Save You Money, Reduce e-Waste

Wyze is launching a small beta test to put the second of two possible Trade-In programs through its paces. While many of us treat (previously) inexpensive Wyze hardware as disposable, by offering Wyze store credits and product discounts, the company intends to reduce e-waste by simultaneously building customer loyalty and replenishing their stock of refurbished hardware … Read more

Eyes On the Wyze Battery Cam Pro

While the Wyze Battery Cam Pro has yet to be announced, I’ve been covering its gestation since January … and have just gone eyes on with some actual hardware at my local Micro Center. The Wyze Battery Cam Pro features a number of improvements over the Wyze Outdoor Cam 2 (that I wasn’t so fond … Read more