TiVo Stream 4K Fixes Delayed

As TiVo attempts to take on Roku and Amazon with their recently released Android TV streaming stick, a number of early launch concerns have cropped up. With the company’s first software update, TiVo believed HDMI-CEC problems had been resolved. But I can confirm CEC issues persist, to a lesser extent. Not to mention a variety … Read more

Three Things Fitbit Does Better Than Apple

Wearables make me cranky. Each one seems to let me down in differing, but very specific ways. By most measures, current Apple Watch models are far superior to the Fitbit Versa 2, in things like build quality and breadth of functionality. However, despite Fitbit’s wildly inaccurate non-exercise step counts (you had one job!), I swap … Read more

Android TV Coming To Benq Projectors (via dongle)

By way of 9to5Google and our pal Janko, we learn that Benq will soon retrofit its projectors with Android TV via HDMI stick. Beyond Google Play store apps, Benq is also providing at least one app of their own in “FamiLand” of kid-friendly content. However, beyond the stick’s tight remote control integration with a Benq … Read more

The Radical Redesign of Arlo Essential

The Arlo Essential has just been announced, with two rather surprising design decisions. For the first time in the their history, going way back to the innovative camera line launching as Vue over ten years ago, the company is doing away its iconic and infinitely practical magnetic mounting. A threaded mount may provide some benefits, … Read more

Eufy Smart Lock Hits Amazon

The Eufy Smart Lock Amazon link has just become public and, while we don’t yet know the price nor can we make a purchase, all else has seemingly been revealed. Many smart locks, like August, only require replacement of the inside portion of a lock for a simpler install and allowing you to keep a … Read more

TiVo Stream 4K Receives Quick Fixes

Two serious blockers, that should have probably delayed Stream 4K release (and likely led to a number of device returns), have been resolved per TiVo. First, the rampant HDMI CEC issues are supposedly resolved, along with TiVo providing a first cut and of an Android TV CEC settings screen. Second, the more sporadic screen blackout … Read more

TiVo Mini Vanishes From Site After Corporate Merger

During the same week that TiVo consummated its merger with Xperi and installed a new CEO, the TiVo Mini Vox has been excised from their website. While I do wonder about the future of retail initiatives (continuing? spun off?), it seems far too early for a seismic shift in consumer strategy. As such, perhaps plans … Read more