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Since 2005, Zatz Not Funny’s beat has been the digital lifestyle — streaming media and the smart home, in particular. The site is consistently acknowledged as a top tech blog and the team has deep roots in the community – participating in various symposia and events such as CES, The Cable Show, and DEMO. In addition to their writing here, they’ve produced white papers, ebooks, and research reports, with select blog content has been syndicated to various mainstream media such as USA Today and the San Francisco Chronicle.

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The Team

Dave Zatz
Dave helped usher in the era of gadget blogging and is an early adopter who must get his hands on all sorts of gear. In addition to his writing here, you might also catch him at other online destinations such as The Verge, Engadget, and PC Magazine, while his Twitter soundbites have been recommended by the likes of ZDNet and the NCTA.

Beyond his public musings, Dave has assisted a variety of entities in the development, operation, and marketing of cutting edge technologies, including Sling Media which was acquired by Echostar for $380m. His opinions do not represent those of his employers.

Mari Silbey
Mari’s tech career started when she became the default “IT guy” in her first job out of college. Since leaving help-desk duties to the experts, she’s focused on trends in technology as a consultant, writer and at-home gadget tinkerer. She launched and edited Motorola’s corporate Media Experiences 2 Go blog for four years, and currently has a regular gig with Light Reading, in addition to taking on various freelance projects. She’s a sucker for anything in the digital media space, is happy to review gadgets, and covers interesting happenings in cable and telecom. Her current business card reads: Writer/Cable Geek/Gadget Freak. Find her on Twitter at @msilbey.

Adam Miarka
Adam passionately tracks down newly released technology. Despite friends mocking his obsession, he’s always willing to provide customized purchasing advice to meet their needs. Adam also enjoys confusing his wife and 3 cats with new gadgets around the house. When not writing for ZNF, you can find Adam on Twitter at adammiarka or check out his attempt at photography on Flickr. You might even find him and his wife running an urban race in your city, just look for the Hustlin Hobbits.

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