TiVo Smart TV Czechs In

On the topic of homegrown software platforms, TiVo-powered television sets have finally begun shipping overseas. From Xperi’s quarterly call: Within Media Platform, we’re pleased to share that Vestel has begun shipping smart TVs powered by TiVo onto the JVC brand to retailers initially in the Czech Republic. Production is now underway for additional brands with expected … Read more

TiVo Stream Activation Bricked

If you were unfortunate enough to purchase or factory reset a TiVo Stream 4K this weekend, your online video plans are on hold. Potentially until July 5th. You see, TiVo, in their infinite wisdom has taken their entire customer portal down for several days… to include TiVo Stream’s requisite web-based activation, which redirects to this … Read more

TiVo Soon Streaming To BMW

Although initial distribution of new TiVo televisions has been delayed, Xperi has announced an expansion of their automotive infotainment solutions by delivering their iconic living room brand into the car. And the company’s first licensee is BMW. From the press release: BMW has selected TiVo’s video media platform to provide customers access to a growing … Read more

Sling TV Vanishes From TiVo, Reappears on Amazon Echo

And yet another inglorious end to a TiVo app. This time around, the TiVo Stream 4K has lost launch partner Sling TV. It just up and vanished… despite TiVo email marketing (text below) I received a few weeks ago and Sling TV continuing to advertise its deep TiVo integration. Press the GUIDE button on your … Read more

TiVo Sunsets DVR Suggestions

From the ‘this feature generates no additional revenue’ school of management, TiVo continues to chip away at their differentiated DVR selling points by killing off new television recording Suggestions (without advance notice). Instead, via on-box messaging, TiVo is directing remaining DVR customers to utilize TiVo+ — a sluggish, ad-supported streaming service of random and frequently … Read more

An AI-Powered TiVo Retrospective

This post was computer-generated, with very minor human editing, by OpenAI’s newly public Chatbot technology, seeded by my directive to: Write an article describing how TiVo pioneered the television industry with a time-shifting DVR. Include a discussion of ads, both how TiVo empowers us to skip but also runs its own pre-roll advertising. TiVo is … Read more

TiVo Goes Back To The (Linux) Well

As Xperi is decoupled from its intellectual property business, to sidestep “channel conflict,” the company continues to crank away on their Roku-esque aspirations by turning the TiVo Stream platform into a television OS. Revealed two years ago, and arriving only a year late, the company’s first partnership is poised to begin producing Vestel televisions “Powered … Read more

Charter Will Be Kicking TiVo To The Curb

By way of TechHive and the TiVo Community, we learn that Charter Communications has alerted Spectrum cable customers to replace TiVo ahead of obsolescence: As we continue to upgrade our networks and technology, CableCARDs will not be compatible with future service upgrades for some time. We have other options for you to consider that will … Read more