TiVo Smart TV Czechs In

On the topic of homegrown software platforms, TiVo-powered television sets have finally begun shipping overseas. From Xperi’s quarterly call:

Within Media Platform, we’re pleased to share that Vestel has begun shipping smart TVs powered by TiVo onto the JVC brand to retailers initially in the Czech Republic. Production is now underway for additional brands with expected shipments to multiple European countries in the coming weeks, consistent with the rollout we’ve been expecting.

The sales situation is seemingly confirmed via jvc-tv.cz, which list several new TiVo OS LED sets, ranging in size from 32-55″ (without compelling imagery, sorry).

Smart TV has been TiVo’s endgame, as they look to replicate the Roku roadmap. However, beyond getting a seriously late start in this space, they’re about two years behind their original timeline and I’d say their US prospects are slim-to-none given a market saturated with many, solid options (for both OEMs and consumers).

2 thoughts on “TiVo Smart TV Czechs In”

  1. I just shake my head, as Tivo has seemingly abandoned everything I ever loved them for.
    The old tivo interface was always the best IMO and we didn’t need yet another streaming stick competing with firesticks and similar.

    If Tivo had used their original interface, and simply supported TVE to allow me to cut the cord and not deal with cable cards (and also to use satellite providers over the internet via TVE) it would have been a simple and natural progression. I loved having the single TIVO unit and a bunch of MINIs around the house.

    Instead, they’re chasing a saturated market, and I am now 2 years into moving to Channels DVR. Still miss the old interface a bit, but that’s mostly because it’s on top of another OS..

  2. I had the stick as I basically am an addict and try everything in the streamer market at least once.

    Day 1 impressions were it wasn’t bad at all. It never evolved however.

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