Stanford Streams Free TV (to all!)

Aereo may be long gone, but the dream of streaming affordable local television (without an antenna) lives on. And a Stanford University research project has answered the call with Puffer. We enjoy some television on-the-house and they use machine learning to improve video streaming algorithms: We are trying to figure out how to teach a … Read more

TiVo Contemplates Premium Channels For Cord Cutters

TechHive held quite the conversation with TiVo at CES. And one of the most promising revelations was TiVo contemplating a service similar to HDHomeRun Premium, to commingle streaming “cable” channels alongside OTA antenna television. Essentially, cable content without the cable company. But unlike, say, a walled garden Sling TV app, TiVo would would merge these … Read more

TiVo GameSkip Returns For Super Bowl LIII

TiVo’s 2018 “Game Skip” experiment appears to have been so successful that the DVR pioneer will once again invert their commercial skip functionality to spotlight Super Bowl ads. As described last year: Everyone knows that [the Super Bowl] commercials are some of the best, highest quality commercials of the year. So, we’re going to tag the … Read more

Tablo OTA DVR To Automatically Skip Commercials

Nice! Come March, Tablo DVR owners will be able to automatically skip commercials while playing back television recordings. Unlike TiVo’s somewhat kneecapped SkipMode that only indexes popular, primetime programming and requires manual intervention at each break, Tablo’s solution should index just about everything* and will be automated: Tablo’s commercial-skipping magic is a cloud-based hybrid of digital signal … Read more

Hulu To Resurrect TiVo Pause Screen Advertising

Variety reports that streaming service Hulu intends to implement pause screen advertising beginning next year. This isn’t an entirely new development, since TiVo pioneered that “feature” way back in 2009. Given Hulu’s least expensive tier already runs traditional commercials, this appears to be both an additive disruption for users and revenue stream for the company. As … Read more

TiVo Heads To Android TV

What the what?! A new TiVo “Android” voice remote with Google Assistant button just passed through the FCC. Is the TiVo experience intended to run on top of the Android TV platform, similar to DirecTV NOW’s beta box? Might the company lean on Android’s native DVR functionality or would something like this function as a … Read more

Roku Stops Charging For Themes

Roku has announced they’ll no longer charge for themes. Over the years, many have been free, including a small but random sampling to get started and some to commemorate the periodic holiday. While others have been sponsorships, such as my preferred Subaru National Parks presentation. But a few were Roku Store purchases. And I so wish … Read more