Walmart To Release Google TV Streaming Stick?

Hot on the heels of the recently refreshed Onn Google TV 4K Streaming Box, Walmart is prepping what could be a new “Google TV” streaming stick based upon this new FCC filing.

While I don’t actually see mention of “HDMI Stick” in a quick skim of the documentation, the “streaming device” details and label above certainly suggest replacement of the discontinued Android TV original from Walmart’s house brand onn — including a general physical resemblance to the former and label indicating “Full HD”, which is code for 1080p video resolution. Wireless capabilities and power requirements as documented by the test report:

The equipment under test (EUT) is an onn. Full HD Streaming Device Google TV with Bluetooth 5.0 (dual-mode) function operating in 2402-2480MHz, 2.4G WIFI function operating in 2412-2462MHz and 5G WIFI function operating in 5150MHz~5250 MHz, 5250MHz~5350MHz, 5470MHz-5725MHZ, 5725MHz~5850MHz.The EUT is powered by DC 5V from an adapter.

At $20, the current 4k onn puck is the best deal in streaming… for less money and with a more capable remote than Google’s own entrant. By shrinking the form factor and dropping the resolution, along with potentially fewer processing cores, I expect this Onn Google TV FHD Streaming Device to land around $15. Shouldn’t be long…

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