Fire TV Still On Sale (PSA should Roku lose YouTube)

By way of AFTVnews, we learn various Amazon Fire TV models remain on sale. But not for much longer.

As Roku and Google haven’t yet come to an agreement, YouTube may be pulled from Roku devices December 9th … and many owners may be seeking an inexpensive insurance policy to retain access. As such, here are a pair of inexpensive Fire TV devices I recommend to hopefully bridge the gap – assuming YouTube is removed and assuming its absence isn’t prolonged.

Fire TV Stick – $20 | 50% off
While this model only clocks in at 1080p, it does include a newer processor and updated Alexa remote with television power and volume controls.

Fire TV Stick 4k – $25 | 50% off
This model’s processor is getting on in age, but it is 4k-capable and now bundled with the latest Alexa remote.

Beyond Fire TV,¬†Walmart’s onn Android TV streamer can be had for less than $20.

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  1. I picked up a couple of the Fire TV max sticks a few weeks ago. When they were on sale for $35. After trade ins of my ancient Fire TV devices(and cashback from TopcashBack). They only cost me around $22 each.

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