Disney Tron Lightcycle: One Size May Not Fit All

While we’re still about a year out from the Tron Lightcycle Run, Disney recently celebrated a construction milestone in the Magic Kingdom and debuted some sample cycles to whet our appetites. And my wife mentioned a rather tall, but slender woman seemed to have some trouble getting her calves properly positioned under the support bars…. … Read more

T-Mobile Home Internet Won’t Support All Live TV Streaming

According to Cord Cutters News, T-Mobile Home Internet will soon be expanding its national footprint. But there’s at least one notable gotcha for the cord cutting crowd in search of streaming television options. From T-Mobile’s ISP terms: Not compatible with some live TV streaming services. Unfortunately, it’s not entirely clear what T-Mobile is communicating. Is … Read more

Kindle Screen Enhancements On The Way

By way of The Digital Reader, we learn a number of undisclosed Amazon Kindle screen enhancements are hidden with the latest software update. Beyond the routine ‘performance improvements, bug fixes’ release notes are some more significant and compelling improvements yet to be enabled. Lock Screen Customization Instead of the same boring literary screensavers, year after … Read more

Wyze Person Detection Returns! (for some)

After Wyze accepted (or wrote) perhaps the worst contract ever and lost their license to impressive, local person detection, without much lead time, they’ve been cranking away on a home-built replacement. Given the publicly available beta app, that outted the Wyze Band, you too may be able to take the new solution for a whirl … Read more

Disney Selects Impossible Burger Over Beyond Meat

Having experimented with name-brand vegetarian, replica meat the last two years, Disney has inked a deal favoring Impossible Burger over Beyond Meat. It’s a fascinating partnership given Impossible’s well documented supply constraints. However, given my forgettable Beyond Burger at Coronado Springs last July, a texture change-up could be in order and it’s not like Disney … Read more

Ratatouille “Shirt Crawler” Revealed Ahead of EPCOT Ride Opening

As EPCOT’s historic transformation continues and Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure nears its summer opening, the FCC has revealed that a pair of remote controlled “shirt crawler” toys are en route. Coming in both Remy and Emile models, based on the Disney Pixar film, the shirt crawlers are bundled with a small cheese remote control. And, under … Read more

New Apple TV Revealed by Target

By way of 9to5Mac, we now know a new Apple TV is en route. According to Target’s inventory system, anyhow. Last updated about 2.5 years ago, the streamer is probably due for a refresh. And, while not the most powerful version, my 1080p aTV struggles with Apple Arcade — so a processor bump seems like … Read more

First Look: Wyze Band with Alexa

As initially revealed by the FCC back in November and formally disclosed this week, the upcoming Wyze Band is described as: a wrist-wearable smart home assistant and activity tracker. Wyze Band will allow you to control Wyze devices with a tap and using Alexa Built-in, any number of Alexa-enabled devices. It also tracks steps, heart … Read more