New Arlo Essential 2 Cameras On The Way

Seems like I’ve stumbled upon the reason much of Arlo’s line of cameras and doorbells are 40-60% off right now… as the smart home video pioneer has a number of new products in the hopper. And, two of several unreleased products I’ve identified are displayed above: The Arlo Essential 2 Video Doorbell and Arlo Essential … Read more

Wyze Home Copilot is an AI Smarthome Chatbot

By way of the US Patent and Trademark office, we learn that Wyze has been preparing a smarthome AI chatbot. And the Wyze “Home Copilot” trademark filing accounts for both app and cloud implementations, as detailed below. Downloadable software; Recorded software; Downloadable software for the artificial production of human speech and text; Downloadable software for … Read more

ATSC 3.0 Was Never About You

Due to expanded DRM deployment and associated consumer disruption, Cord Cutters News recently resurfaced the story that various ATSC 3.0 broadcasters had began encrypting their antenna channels beginning early this year. While televisions imbued with so called “NextGen TV” tuners for direct playback are unaffected, network tuners that relay video content and platforms that record … Read more

TiVo Soon Streaming To BMW

Although initial distribution of new TiVo televisions has been delayed, Xperi has announced an expansion of their automotive infotainment solutions by delivering their iconic living room brand into the car. And the company’s first licensee is BMW. From the press release: BMW has selected TiVo’s video media platform to provide customers access to a growing … Read more

Sling TV Vanishes From TiVo, Reappears on Amazon Echo

And yet another inglorious end to a TiVo app. This time around, the TiVo Stream 4K has lost launch partner Sling TV. It just up and vanished… despite TiVo email marketing (text below) I received a few weeks ago and Sling TV continuing to advertise its deep TiVo integration. Press the GUIDE button on your … Read more

When Your Smart Lock Fails… Climb Through The Window

Running a “smart” home is often fraught with peril. For example, during an Internet outage you might actually have to get off the couch to manually adjust a light or thermostat. The horror! Adding insult to injury, there are also times you may have to actually break into your own home to overcome its “smarts” … Read more

Wyze Floodlight Cam Goes Pro

Wyze’s Year of The Camera continues… with the upcoming Wyze Cam Floodlight “Pro” soon joining the festivities. As we’ve come to learn, Wyze has applied the “Pro” designation to both the higher resolution Wyze Cam v3 Pro and newly revealed Wyze Cam Outdoor Pro. Similarly, I can confirm the refreshed Wyze Floodlight Cam Pro will … Read more

Wyze Battery Cam Pro Coming Soon

As Wyze promised, 2023 is the year of the camera. Not even three weeks into January, the company has already unveiled a refreshed Pan Cam and the Wyze Cam OG. Up next, possibly leap-frogging the new floodlight cam I previously mentioned, will be a battery-powered “Pro” outdoor camera. As to branding, I’ve seen references to … Read more