TiVo Stream Ecosystem Expands With New Remotes (and maybe a new dongle)?

Although TiVo ultimately intends to move beyond Android TV in the consumer space, they’re currently in the thick of things… and continue to iterate, despite staff departures. And a curious pair of TiVo “Brook” remote controls (shown above) has just passed through the FCC. The original TiVo Stream 4K voice remote (shown below) goes by … Read more

Sonos Earbuds Disclosed via Patent Filing

Sonos Headphones may not be the only wearable audio accessory the company is working, as a patent filing that was published by the USPTO in February contains some very interesting earbud imagery. The gist of the patent relates to novel charging approaches, methods to efficiently extend play time via something like detachable battery plates. But … Read more

Your Unsubscribed TiVo Premiere Has Been Devalued

I was tipped off a couple months ago, but it has just now registered that an unsubscribed TiVo Premiere can no longer be activated. As in: you should neither buy nor sell an unsubscribed TiVo Premiere on ebay. And had you been hoping to rekindle the joy with a decommissioned unit in your closet, well … Read more

The Roku Originals Have Arrived

Today is the day; Roku Originals have arrived. At launch, Roku Originals aren’t exactly “original” as they consist of 30 repurposed Quibi shows. You know, the bizarre mobile-first, short-form video service that sputtered out after just a few months, with many assets ultimately acquired by Roku. However, on the bigger screen (although Roku also does … Read more

Wyze Is Prepping A Floodlight Camera

Embedded within Wyze’s recent mobile application updates are references to an upcoming floodlight ensemble and a possibly related socket accessory. The Wyze floodlight includes requisite motion sensing capabilities, along with a siren to deter unwanted visitors. However, it’s unclear if these are meant to complement and accessorize the existing Wyze Cam v3, with its stellar … Read more

The NAB Punts On Streaming EAS Alerts

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) has filed comments with the FCC that indicate it’s just too hard to for its members to deliver Emergency Alert System (EAS) notices via streaming apps: the web-based architecture and infrastructure of streaming services make it impractical for such providers to monitor for EAS alerts or distribute alerts to … Read more

Key Product Personnel Depart TiVo

While Xperi disclosed retail TiVo roadmap adjustments at their quarterly call, my research indicates there has also been a significant TiVo employee realignment and exodus… that apparently didn’t warrant a mention from leadership beyond, “lower personnel expense.” It seems notable product management departures this spring include VP Chris Thun, along with much of his team, … Read more

The Wyze Smart Home Honeymoon Is Over?

As the headline suggests, the Wyze honeymoon may be over for the upstart startup. Prices are going up. Again. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, given the unsustainability of their current, er former, business model. Due to world events, we are seeing huge cost increases on almost every material used to make smart products. … Read more