Wyze Enlists Former Dolby Engineers For Upcoming Headphones

From the outside looking in, Wyze certainly appears unfocused — not quite sure what they want to be when they grow up. However, product management by chaos theory is great fodder for blogging. As such, Wyze is moving beyond home automation and health gadgetry into… headsets?! Originally leaked on Twitter back in April, via a … Read more

Put A Fork In Arlo Security?

As first disclosed by us in 2018 and announced at CES 2019, Arlo Security may be dead… as an updated Arlo hub that nixes the existing, but dormant, Zigbee and Z-Wave radios has passed through the FCC. Now this wouldn’t be the first unreleased product the company has killed (sigh Arlo Pet), but it would … Read more

Eero Wi-Fi 6 On The Way!

Thanks to the FCC and a source, we now know new Wi-Fi 6 eero devices are about to hit the market. The 802.11ax “eero 6” comes three flavors: eero Pro 6 Tri-band (as seen in original Pro) Two RJ45 Ethernet ports BLE and 802.15.4 Model K010001 eero 6 gateway Dual-band Two RJ45 Ethernet ports BLE … Read more

TiVo Slows Its Roll While Expanding Partnerships

Shortly after releasing the bungled TiVo Stream 4K update, that inadvertently broke MPEG-2 decoding and locked up developer options behind a PIN, the company halted its software roll-out. They’ve regrouped and now, about six weeks later, are slow-rolling a new set of updates that incorporates all the prior fixes, restores that lost functionality, and provides … Read more

The Curtain Begins To Close on CableCARD

From the FCC yesterday: we terminate a proceeding in which we sought comment on the adoption of new regulations for “navigation devices”—devices that consumers use to access multichannel video programming and other services offered over multichannel video programming networks— and eliminate outdated CableCARD support and reporting requirements. I could write pages on CableCARD and how … Read more

SHIELD TV Update Caters To Power Users

NVIDIA SHIELD is the premiere Android TV streamer and, as such, the latest update (8.2) continues to cater to power users… such as myself. Video improvements to AI Upscaling and frame rate matching take prime billing. However, the most practical feature for those sporting the current remote may be the additional menu button customization. As … Read more

Get In On Some Amazing Ring Deals

Amazon’s currently running several very good-to-amazing Ring deals. While I cannot recommend the Wyze Outdoor Cam, I have no compunction steering folks towards the 3rd generation Ring Stickup Cam… which is on sale for $85, bundled with a free Echo Dot 3 — another device I wholeheartedly recommend. Here’s that promo, along with some others … Read more

Smart TV is TiVo’s Endgame

Now that the Xperi merger has closed, TiVo’s 6th CEO in 5 years has weighed in on the future of the consumer business. And, while it was clear the (former) company had pinned its hopes on the TiVo Stream 4K, we now know that the Android TV streaming dongle is merely the first salvo in … Read more