Jawbone Rises From The Dead With New Jambuds

Jawbone is returning from the dead (again).

Prior ownership, Aliph, is most notable for expanding relatively staid Bluetooth accessories into new markets with some panache and technological advancements under Jawbone and Jambox branding. But the company is also memorable for its rapid unscheduled disassembly, to borrow an aeronautical term, due to overinflated valuation alongside an inability to move its (flawed) fitness trackers.

Fast forward several years, and whomever has taken over the trademark appears poised to launch a new consumer product based on this brand-sparking-new FCC filing.

The Jawbone Jambuds are a pair of earbuds, featuring both true wireless stereo and active noise cancellation along with extensive touch control. Stying seem to be a bit of a callback to the Jawbone Era¬†and, of course, there’s the requisite (USB-C powered) charing case. Based on filing imagery, the case lid flips back and the Jambuds will be offered in both black and white variants.

The wireless earbud and headphone space is super-crowded market, fleshed out by companies like Apple, Sony, and even Anker … with Sonos waiting in the wings. So I’m not sure how much room there is for a washed up and possibly forgotten brand, currently of unknown provenance. But hope (and I.P.) spring eternal. And I still pine for a Flipcam resurgence.

4 thoughts on “Jawbone Rises From The Dead With New Jambuds”

  1. A blast from the past, but for the fact I didn’t remember what exactly Jawbone was. I bought a Jawbone Icon in 2010, had to to look it up on Amazon to know what I bought and then Google it to see what it featured.

    I really doubt the name has that much value in 2024.

  2. Product quality for jawbone products was terrible. this brand has terrible equity and little to no customer trust

  3. I was a beta tester for Jawbone and always found their stuff top-notch. Maybe they got bad towards the end(?), but the noise cancellation and tap/touch control technology they were throwing into their early products was way ahead of the competition. I had several friends who used their stuff religiously and loved it. I still have a 1st Gen Jambox that I use regularly and especially when I travel. My wife loved her Up bracelet. We had good luck with support regarding that as one did have an issue and was replaced under warranty. I also have an ERA earpiece that still works.

    I think it is pointless to try and resurrect the brand unless they also bring back all the support for their old stuff, like an app for the Era earpiece and Jambox.

  4. CheezWiz, unlike the other poster, I had no quality issues with my early Jawbone device. It worked well. But I agree about lack of value bringing back a brand, even with the things you mention.

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