TiVo Intends To Re-Enter Canadian Retail Market With OTA DVR

After a many year absence, TiVo had disclosed plans to re-enter the Canadian retail market this year. And, it appears, this bit of news may have been inadvertently announced during their Facebook Live event. However, TiVo VP Ted Malone was willing to elaborate a bit on his below comments and has confirmed with me that … Read more

New Wyze Smart Plug 2-Pack Runs $20

While Wyze’s hyped Prime Day reveal was a total snooze fest, Home Depot has got the goods. Namely, the Wyze Wi-Fi smart plug, as originally disclosed by you-know-who. With the favorable Wyze pricing we’ve come to expect, a two-pack runs a mere $20 – once again undercutting the competition. Be in control from anywhere with … Read more

Eco+ To Increase Ecobee Energy Savings

Ecobee is poised is launch eco+, a new features that uses a variety of criteria to lower you HVAC energy consumption and associated utility bill. Your energy use varies based on your schedule, humidity, and electricity rates. eco+ uses that information to automatically adjust your thermostat at the right time, so you stay comfortable. See … Read more

Roku Channel Subscriptions Improved

Roku has streamlined access to Roku Channel video subscriptions with virtual app icons that deep link premium content. The Roku Channel originally launched with ad-supported TV shows and movies, but was recently updated to resell premium libraries like HBO… as device manufacturers Amazon (Fire TV) and Roku continue generating the bulk of their revenue via … Read more

More Wyze Smart Home Hardware On The Way

Wyze continues its march towards smart home domination via inexpensive hardware and powerful, yet free (thus far), service… soon to include camera person detection. Not to mention wireless bulbs have just hit the market and an outdoor cam is also en route. But, wait. There’s more! And some of it even makes sense. Let me … Read more

TiVo Tips Hat To First 2000 Customers

As we continue to commemorate TiVo’s 20th anniversary, the DVR pioneer recently mailed hand-signed Thank You cards to its very first 2000 customers. Assuming those 480i platter-spinning trailblazers are still among the living and at the same residence to receive. Beyond a shout-out, TiVo is also spotting those folks a $100 store credit should they … Read more

TiVo Takes It To The Edge With Upcoming DVR

TiVo is seemingly taking it to the very edge of the retail CableCARD viability with new hardware discovered by Variety. Of course, there was always going to be a new”Series 7″ DVR (faster, cheaper) for the cable industry and Arris is an obvious partner given TiVo’s desire to delegate hardware manufacturing and prior initiatives with the … Read more

HDHomeRun Brings Live TV To Roku*

I’ve got some good news. And I’ve got some bad news. Let’s start with the positivity. After “years of requests” Silicon Dust has finally released a Roku HDHomeRun app! But, yeah, it’s most definitely a beta with disruptive overlays, reloading of channels, a tiny subset of typical HDHomeRun app functionality, and… some of you won’t … Read more