IKEA To Introduce New Smart Home Sensors

By way of June FCC filings, we learn that IKEA plans to introduce at least two new smart home sensors.

In a first, the Scandinavian retailer will be offering a contact sensor. The IKEA Parasoll Open/Close Sensor is likely a two part affair — the larger main unit shown below, to include wireless capabilities, and a secondary magnetic fob to determine state via proximity. They’re the sort of devices that generally monitor doors and windows. But many have found additional uses for sensors such as these, to include mailboxes, garages, and laundry machines. From the product label, we glean this sensor is AAA-powered


By comparison, the upcoming IKEA Vallhorn Motion Sensor will either live alongside or replace the existing Trådfri wireless motion sensor. While it’s unclear exactly how it’s powered, given the Parasoll’s approach and other recent IKEA additions (STRYBAR & Sonos remotes), we might assume IKEA is standardizing on AAA batteries for most connected accessories going forward.

Both Zigbee-powered sensors are produced in collaboration with IoT manufacturer Leedarson, whose unbranded contact sensor reference design is pictured up top. Reported test methodology does indicate usage of the newer, more capable IKEA Dirigera hub… but it’s possible these will also be compatible with IKEA’s original Trådfri smart home hub. In any event, it’s good to see IKEA expand their ecosystem but what they (and ecobee) need next are leak detectors to more fully take on Ring Alarm and Aqara. Good thing Leedarson is prepared to assist?

4 thoughts on “IKEA To Introduce New Smart Home Sensors”

  1. After another look at the FCC documentation, I can confirm the motion sensor utilizes two AAA batteries and the contact sensor is confirmed as requiring a single AAA.

  2. Why to buy this? On market there is already such sensors SonOff… cheaper and safer. Ikea has high pricing.

  3. Rajko, I assume many existing IKEA hub owners would be interested in expanding their native capabilities. More generally speaking, choice is good. And IKEA is a notable vendor with a product line that is accessible to many.

    Valasca, the IKEA Dirigera hub will support Matter and I suspect most sensors will be extensible to Matter networks much in the way Homekit is currently supported.

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