Roku Tests Homescreen Updates

Based on a variety of reddit threads, Roku has been testing a number of interface updates these last few months… potentially culminating in a big fall reveal, to include an overdue Roku Ultra refresh.

The most notable home screen change appears to be expanding the long-standing 3×3 icon grid to a 4×4 display of streaming channels (aka apps) for potentially greater efficiency, as shown above and mentioned by several redditors over the last couple weeks. But it’s not clear exactly where Roku may land, given one redditor who mentioned seeing 5 tiles across… which could push the UI beyond the practical.

In another early reveal (shown above, click to enlarge), Roku tests reducing visual clutter but also efficiency, by collocating all Roku TV HDMI inputs within a single tile — a “folder” if you will, as described by this redditor. Of course, it’s to Roku’s benefit to keep you on the homescreen and within streaming apps, as advertising and commissions are their primary business. But, I assume they also know their userbase, perhaps most folks don’t pull up external devices with any regularity.

Lastly, Roku has been experimenting with a more prominent search bar, placed just above the streaming channel grid (shown below). However, as Cord Cutters News mentions, while Roku has confirmed a number of tests are in progress, there’s no guarantee any or all will land. But I’ll still betcha $1 that 4×4 grid is a lock.