The $30 Wyze Cam OG Breaks Cover

Hot on the heels of the uniquely-styled Wyze Cam Pan v3, another Wyze Cam nears release. In fact, at least one Home Depot has jumped the gun (again) with a full-on $30 Wyze Cam OG display. The Wyze team did previously indicate 2023 would be camera-centric. And here we are. In fact, I can also confirm there’s a floodlight camera successor and/or pro variant on the way.

As to the OG, it sure seems to share a lot of features with the Wyze Cam v3 — including microSD slot for local recording, color night vision, and weather resistance for indoor/outdoor placement. However, this smart cam also bundles a spotlight that’s reminiscent of the higher resolution Wyze Cam v3 Pro. And there’s mention of a 3x Telephoto variant or lens accessory. So it’s not quite clear to me where this sits in the lineup. Is this an inbetweener or is the Wyze Cam OG simply a v3 replacement, perhaps utilizing newer, cheaper components as companies are wont to do?

In any event, all will be revealed in just a few days.

6 thoughts on “The $30 Wyze Cam OG Breaks Cover”

  1. I’ve removed all Wyze products from my home and won’t buy any more. Please be aware of their security breach, and even more concerning, their lack of doing anything about it for three years.

    From The Verge’s coverage in March 2022: (

    “… for the past three years, Wyze has been fully aware of a vulnerability in its home security cameras that could have theoretically let hackers access your video feeds over the internet — but chose to sweep it under the rug.”

  2. While I hold no brief for Wyze, they are currently the best camera manufacturer on the market right now. Their products are reasonable priced and effective. There are a lot of surveillance camera manufacturers out there that are high on price,and poor on quality. Not only that, they themselves have had issues with security,and have hidden them from buyers. One of the largest manufacturer of computer network gears, had been selling it’s products for years with vulnerability unpatched. As a matter of fact, they just issued a statement that they won’t be issuing any because that product is now EOL! Speaking of EOL, Arlo, which is a subsidiary of Netgear, just sent out a list of their surveillance cameras that will be EOL. So, please stop knocking Wyze because they are new to the game,but are learning fast,and you need to give them a chance.

  3. Agree. A lot of product released in a small window with seemingly minor differentiation. Also I’m not sure how much value the OG name has with consumers. I’d bet most people weren’t familiar with Wyze cams until the v2.

    That said, I did pick up the cam pan v3. Also their lamp socket product (also use) seem unique. Not aware of a similar product.

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