Wyze Cam Outdoor v2 Adds Color Night Vision

The unannounced Wyze Cam Outdoor v2 has arrived at Home Depots across the country. Indeed, most stores across my region appear to have inventory (SKU 1007492425)…and I walked away with a brand-spanking-new smartcam.

What’s new and notable is Wyze has, once again, repurposed their somewhat amazing ‘Starlight’ sensor found in the Wyze Cam v3 that brings unnatural color night vision to Wyze’s only battery-powered camera. Based on the Home Depot listing and product box shot, most else appears the same –  the weather-resistant Wyze Outdoor Cam retains its magnetic mount, Death Star appearance, and (yet another) network bridge. Although the possibility exists for a slightly increased field of view (130 vs 110?) and, who knows, maybe we’ll see some improved battery performance. I expect to learn more once I get mine going and after a few days of usage.

The Wyze Cam Outdoor v2 camera lands at the same $80 Home Depot price point as the original model released in 2020. Although, Wyze pricing is highly variable – dependent upon merchant, shipping fees, and phases of the moon. Further, for anything close to ‘real’ security cam functionality, prospective owners should also be prepared to pay $15/yr for Cam Plus. Although Wyze is currently in the penalty box for some, having betrayed our trust with a sluggish security response and associated poor communication.

10 thoughts on “Wyze Cam Outdoor v2 Adds Color Night Vision”

  1. I had to take my Wyze Cam Outdoor inside about every two weeks to charge it. I ended up buying their little solar panel, and every time I check it now it’s between 95 and 100% charged.

  2. I’ve heard people complain about battery life but mine lasts literally months (about 3)between charges.

  3. It needed upgrades badly. I run 11 Wyze cams 24/7, and the outdoor ones are by far the worst. Their night performance makes them virtually useless. This can only make them better.

  4. I have 2 outdoor and they do not pick up much by the time the cam turns on I don’t get much of anything and I got cam plus. I never got the license’s kept trying to make me pay even tho I already paid. Emailed them and they suck to say the least they don’t respond and never called me these cams are garbage compared to others

  5. I have wyze outdoors cameras since June of 2021. Honestly? Terrible. I paid the annual fee on that day, when I received them. The Wyze is not willing to make normal videos, because they want us to pay each device what wants to see it. Yes, my husband and my daughter who is living with us. They want to get three times the annual fees for same camera, and we have 2 cameras, so we should pay SIX annual fees. The cameras don’t record anything, what is shorter than 5 seconds, or farther than 5 feet. For example, I park in the garage, and it records only that get out from the car. The garage door opening, and the car slowly rolls into the garage, it is never recorded. Also often happened, the entrance door camera didn’t record that we arrived home with taxi cab and big packages, looking for keys in our purse, etc. According to the cam, we didn’t come home. Who knows, how many events is not recorded! The nighttime records only two feet distance, daytime only 5 feet. Batteries? If I connect to the power, then makes 3sec length videos about nothing, every 30 minutes. If I don’t connect them, then every other days, I must climb up to remove and recharge them (and don’trecord even the motions) . These cameras are bad, even for a teenager, to play with it. Their customer service is terrible, and the basic software problems are not fixed, because “we know wat we have to do”. I suggest everyone to buy ANOTHER cameras!!!

  6. So the WCO v2 is performing much better for me than the WCO v1 I had at launch. No stuttering recordings and a solid connection to base station, for example. However, it’s still hobbled by the way Wyze chooses to do certain things in regards to recording. Also, the WCO v2 color night vision appears inferior to the color night vision from my Wyzecam v3. That’s a primary reason for purchase. It’s still better than my Ring Stickup Cam in darkness at that position, but balanced against Wyze’s recording deficiencies it may not be enough to keep. I’ll give it a few more days to see if some software or firmware updates come out that improve the situation before returning the camera and putting my stickup back in rotation.

  7. I have Wyze and Amcrest cameras. Both work ok but Amcrest is FAR SUPERIOR regarding area coverand and picture quality is outstanding. Save your money and look elsewhere beyond Wyze.

  8. The police were very happy with the picture quality of my V3’s when it came time to identify people breaking into cars. No need to look elsewhere.
    It’s the Wyze wireless outdoors that suck. If they’d upgrade them to V3 specs, even if it meant requiring the solar panels, they’d be perfect.

  9. Their trial subscription is half brained: 2 weeks beyond activation

    Activating 3 cams should get me 6 weeks total, me thinks.

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