Roku Smart Home Hardware & Software Confirmed As Wyze

Last week, Roku boldly entered the Smart Home space with an initial product offering “developed in partnership with Wyze.” And, boy, do the business considerations and implications fascinate me. We’ll never have a full accounting of the relationship (although I’m quite looking forward to Roku’s quarterly securities call), so I’ll just go ahead and assume both … Read more

Roku Expands Into Smart Home, With Some Help From Wyze

By way of Reddit, Walmart, a pair of shipping manifests (1, 2), and some noodling around we learn that Roku is imminently expanding beyond streaming media and into the smart home… with more than a half dozen white-labeled Wyze products, a seemingly confirmed ‘Roku Smart Home’ Channel, and likely a new dedicated mobile app. Thus … Read more

Ecobee “Premium” and “Enhanced” Smart Thermostats Break Cover

By way of Canadian Tire (!?) and reddit, we learn ecobee has two new models in the pipeline — its first since being acquired by a generator company last year. The new ‘ecobee Premium Smart Thermostat‘ looks to replace the existing flagship model. As such, microphones and both Siri or Alexa voice assistants remain onboard … Read more

Wyze Clears The Air With Upcoming Purifier

Freshly infused with cash, Wyze continues to crank away on new products . And, next up for the Amazon Basics of gadgetry (and occasional iHealth reseller) is the Wyze Air Purifier. Unlike some of their other recent home products, the upcoming Wyze purifier will indeed be “smart” with WiFi connectivity and app control. Like my … Read more

Wyze Cam Outdoor v2 Adds Color Night Vision

The unannounced Wyze Cam Outdoor v2 has arrived at Home Depots across the country. Indeed, most stores across my region appear to have inventory (SKU 1007492425)…and I walked away with a brand-spanking-new smartcam. What’s new and notable is Wyze has, once again, repurposed their somewhat amazing ‘Starlight’ sensor found in the Wyze Cam v3 that … Read more

Arlo Set To Unveil Smart Home Sensor

As the headline states, Arlo appears poised to introduce a smart home sensor. For real this time. Originally announced way back in January 2019, the Arlo Home Security System was quickly scrubbed from the company’s website as they tightened focus on core camera competencies and financial viability, by dropping free storage to drive subscriptions for … Read more

Wyze Smart Lock 2 Includes Fingerprint Reader

Wyze, the low-cost gadget distributor, continues to crank away on new products and hardware updates. And next up for a makeover is the Wyze Smart Lock. Whereas the first version was basically a retrofit sold alongside a small $20 keypad accessory, the next gen Wyze Smart Lock v2 comes bundled with both a deadbolt and … Read more

Ring Stickup Cams Can Now Pan & Tilt

Ring continues to quietly release new ecosystem accessories, such as an outdoor contact sensor last month, and now a Ring Stickup Cam pan & tilt mount spotted by Dan Wroclawski. The Ring Pan & Tilt Mount comes in three flavors, running $45-55, dependent upon which style Stickup Cam you plan to augment and indoor/outdoor usage. … Read more