Ring Video Doorbell 3 Nears

As first revealed by the FCC, a number of retailers have leaked the incoming Ring Video Doorbell 3 … and a 3 Plus! The Ring 3 looks to be a direct replacement of the Ring 2 — a logical assumption bolstered by Home Depot’s link redirect. And the Ring 2 has been my recommendation the … Read more

HomeKit Confirmed for Ecobee Camera

As we know, ecobee is prepping an Alexa-endowed “smart” camera … but, beyond Amazon voice control, the FCC has confirmed Apple HomeKit support. Of course, one would reasonably expect traditional connected camera capabilities such as motion detection and notifications, but the Alexa mics take ecobee to another level as a dual purpose device. And now, … Read more

Wyze Person Detection Returns! (for some)

After Wyze accepted (or wrote) perhaps the worst contract ever and lost their license to impressive, local person detection, without much lead time, they’ve been cranking away on a home-built replacement. Given the publicly available beta app, that outted the Wyze Band, you too may be able to take the new solution for a whirl … Read more

First Look: Wyze Band with Alexa

As initially revealed by the FCC back in November and formally disclosed this week, the upcoming Wyze Band is described as: a wrist-wearable smart home assistant and activity tracker. Wyze Band will allow you to control Wyze devices with a tap and using Alexa Built-in, any number of Alexa-enabled devices. It also tracks steps, heart … Read more

Eufy Battery Video Doorbell First Look

Eufy’s highly regarded video doorbell has just been joined by a new battery-powered version. As with the existing wired doorbell, the new model exceeds Ring (on paper) with 2K video resolution. Further, there is no cloud storage to contend with in terms of additional fees or privacy concerns. However, whereas the original Eufy stores 4GB … Read more

ecobee Launches Air Filter Subscription Service

ecobee has just launched an air filter subscription service (as you know who foretold). Starting at $13 a filter, ecobee will ship you an appropriately sized HVAC filter of your preferred MERV/MPR/FPR rating. And, of course, the subscription will be synced to smart thermostat reminders. While it seems to be something of an anomaly to … Read more

The Best Of CES Smart Home

CES is a humungo show and I surely didn’t catch all the announcements, but here are a handful new smart home products that caught my eye. Ring Solar Path Lighting, April, $40 Ring looks to massively improve upon their connected pathlights, that I currently value, by swapping out four D batteries per stick with solar+USB … Read more

Apple HomeKit Secure Video Now Available

Back in June, Apple announced HomeKit Secure Video which would leverage your iCloud storage subscription to archive HomeKit camera recordings within your account. During that presentation, Apple said Eufy Security, Netatmo, and Logitech would be the first companies for the initial release. ┬áLast month, we were teased with what seemed like a demo of the … Read more