Big Savings On Big Amazon Echo

The full-size 4th generation Amazon Echo is on sale for $50 — at 50% off, this is an all-time low.

The full Echo features way bigger sound than the Echo Dot. In fact, I previously bought a couple to use as speakers with Fire TV. Originally I had a pair, uh, paired to a Fire TV Stick 4K Max for immersive audio. And I can tell you it’s far superior to a pair of Echo Dots in a similar configuration and even easily bests a pair of Homepod Minis with Apple TV.  I currently have an Echo paired to a Fire Television in our den for surprisingly rich sound, from just a single speaker. Fire TV will even pass audio from other devices right through – although I haven’t tested this and typically worry about lip sync, yet Amazon does provide a calibration animation.

Beyond its acoustical capabilities, the 4th gen Echo also excels in the smart home… acting as both a Zigbee hub and Ring lighting bridge, with Matter Thread support on the way. Plus it detects temperature and motion, for use with Alexa Routines, although I’m not convinced those are reliable.

4 thoughts on “Big Savings On Big Amazon Echo”

  1. Jodd, I blogged the full-size Echo – 4th gen is indeed current/latest. You’ve linked the 5th gen Echo Dot. Supposedly the new 5th gen Dot has better sound than the 4th gen Dot, but I don’t imagine it compares to what the full-size Echo brings.

  2. I know it’s me, but I still like the Dot’s hockey-puck shape and the fact that it’s pretty inconspicuous. But then, I don’t use my Dot for “real sound,” instead as a timer and alarm, and for weather and time checks. I definitely can see going for something bigger for music and good sound.

  3. You’re not alone. The orb looks fine, makes sense for the full-size Echo, but peak Dot design was that 3rd gen puck – at least visually. In fact, I was bummed I could only buy a 4th gen Dot Clock when we needed a second one (for my daughter who had just learned how to read the time). Also, beyond the more subtle and attractive visuals, the 3rd gen Dot also slides nicely under the front of my computer “monitor” (which is actually a 43″ Fire Television, repurposed during max COVID telework).

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