Alexa Gets The Smart Button She Deserves

I’m pleased to report that our long national nightmare is over… as Alexa finally has proper smart button accessories.

Unlike Apple HomeKit, it’s been pretty barren on the physical toggle front within Alexa’s ecosystem. In my household, under duress, we’ve repurposed the discontinued Amazon Echo Buttons to trigger various routines. But they’re massive and oh-so-bright, not to mention limited in capability.

Alexa recently identified and linked up “new” network resources, as she’s wont to do. But, unlike the typically spammy or occasionally creepy notice, this smartphone alert brings all good news. Yes, that’s right the Hue Dimmer Switch (and even Aurora) are now visible in the app and available to trigger routines or actions. In fact, what appears to be an entirely new “Remote” device type is available. Then again, the Alexa app is continually in flux without any sort of meaningful communication from Amazon.

I just left town and haven’t yet dug in. But my blogging compatriot Adam Miarka has started to configure his Hue switches and identified one early shortcoming — Alexa does not override Hue button functionality. Meaning both actions will fire at once and that needs to be accounted for. For me, I’ll be keeping Aurora as is but intend to repurpose at least one Hue dimmer as a fulltime Alexa switch to kick off music, toggle my Cree lighting, etc.

3 thoughts on “Alexa Gets The Smart Button She Deserves”

  1. What is a Ellie switch ? I searched online couldn’t find anything.
    And those another switches are dimmers?

    Does anyone make a single pole house switch that can be used for trigger

  2. Oops, didn’t mean to confuse. Ellie is my daughter and that’s her Hue Dimmer Switch. It’s not hardwired. And even though they’re called “dimmer” they have four discrete buttons than can be programmed for various actions in Hue or now in Alexa.

    I’m not aware of a single pole switch that’s compatible BUT I’m not tracking closely and this Alexa integration/feature is new. I assume it’ll expand to additional partners/devices.

  3. Hi,

    Bought a new 5th Gen Dot, it now discovers my Hue dimmers, but I dont seem to have the option to edit the buttons, am I missing something?

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