Wyze Cam v3 vs v3 Pro

Wyze just upped the ante by taking the highly capable Wyze Cam v3 to new levels with a Pro model. While these two smart cameras have much in common, there are some notable differences. And here are the ones I find significant when making purchasing decisions.

Wyze Cam v3 Wyze Cam v3 Pro
Cost $36 @ Amazon $56 @ Amazon
Video Resolution 1920×1080 (FHD) 2560×1440 (2K) ✅
Color Night Vision Good ✅ OK
Built-in Spotlight No Yes ✅
Person Detection Paid Free ✅

The most obvious Wyze Cam v3 Pro improvement is increased video resolution, which jumps from 1080p to 2K — resulting in higher clarity video. The new lens does slightly reduce the field of view (FOV) but, as you can see from Lifehacker’s YouTube comparison below, it’s likely an insignificant change for most. Unfortunately, Starlight sensor color night vision does seem to take a hit on the new v3 Pro, versus the original Wyzecam v3 and seems similar to the Wyzecam Outdoor v2‘s lesser nightvision. However, this can be overcome in shorter distances by leveraging the v3 Pro’s 70-lumen spotlight.

The Wyzecam Pro v3’s increased processing power allows the company to (once again) detect people locally. Which also means a Wyze Cam Plus cloud subscription isn’t required. Although, folks contemplating going down the subscription-free path (with either model), should invest in a microSD card for continuous recording to overcome Wyze’s 5-minute cloud recording cool-down. For those looking to fully leverage Wyze’s cloud capabilities ($20/yr), including features like package detection and hardware discounts, v3 Pro local person detection isn’t of much benefit.

4 thoughts on “Wyze Cam v3 vs v3 Pro”

  1. While I’d gladly take the Pro’s higher resolution video, I only use the v3 for its stellar color nightvision at multiple distances – can’t give that up.

    By the by, the only Wyze hardware I recommend are the v3 line of cameras like these. But, as with all smart cameras, I advise against using them indoors where residents may be (unless required for eldercare and/or monitoring caretakers).

  2. I’d need a better monitor to take advantage of the higher resolution. ;-)

    I don’t get indoor smart cams either. I’m bothered by just the cameras on my phones and tablets, and take appropriate precautions with them. I don’t know whether it was V2 or V3 where it changed, but it’s nice that these are now outdoor rated given that concern.

  3. Yeah, I forgot to bring that up in the post that these are both indoor/outdoor (although you’ll probably want to place it under an overhang). Regarding resolution, the video clarity should be improved irrespective of playback monitor – see Lifehackster’s license plate demo.

  4. I just hooked up two v3 pro and two v3. I’ve got 19 cams total now on 2 acres with 10 node mesh wifi. The v3 looks better than the pro in dark areas. Pro is disappointing for this area. Color is not as good in low light too. Spotlight not very useful as the pro is mounted near gate lights. I’ll probably move the Pro to new location where light is better. Rural Culdesac location with animals and Airbnb monitoring needed. Outdoor 2 also very nice. Pan 2 also very nice lens.

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