Magic Kingdom Fans Pitched Disney+ Discount

As my Twitter followers well know, I’m something of a Disney fan. And, while I got in on the amazing Disney+ D23 fan club pricing, the company is now marketing park regulars and/or Annual Pass holders with mailers… that include single use Disney+ “Founders Circle” discount codes: $20 off 2-year subscriptions for $120 and $40 off 3-year subscriptions for $170. I assume this serves multiple purposes for the company in building awareness and enthusiasm ahead of the November launch, while also banking some healthy revenue.

No telling what sort of perks “Founders Circle” receive (if anything and I’m unrealistically hoping for a hoodie) but, as my family is already covered, I’ve got two promo codes to share below. I’m sure these will be spoken for in a matter of minutes, so let me apologize in advance that I don’t have more. However, should you have excess codes, please feel free to donate them to the community in the comments below.

11 thoughts on “Magic Kingdom Fans Pitched Disney+ Discount”

  1. Thanks Dave! The 2-year deal worked like a charm for me and really is a good deal. No word on any special goodies other than the $20 discount.

  2. Well Lyman… if you don’t recognize Disney+ as one of the most notable tech (and content) initiatives of 2019, I can’t really help. Beyond that, I have a long history of hooking friends up with codes to new services.

    But ZNF is what I do in my free time and I reserve the right to blog anything at all. Given TiVo’s recent maneuvers, maybe we’ll just turn it into a Disney destination.

  3. You can get this same deal thru 10/11 through Disney Movie Rewards, which is free to sign up for. I’d recommend signing up sooner rather than later to ensure sufficient time to get the email notification. I signed up for this using the $40 off 3 years option a couple of weeks ago.

  4. I believe Disney Visa card holders received the same deal. I’m waiting for the Hulu/ESPN+/D+ bundle for $12.

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