Need a Joost Invite?


Joost is up to v0.9.4 now (Mac & PC) and I’ve got another 5 invites to giveaway. It seems like I’m supposed to make you work for these, but let’s do it on the honor system: Tell your buddies about ZNF, check out some older posts, visit some of my advertisers… you know, things you should always be doing. ;) Upon completing the mission, leave a comment stating that you want in. Tomorrow, I’ll randomly select the recipients.

FYI As mentioned before, I’ve been trying to get a larger number of invitations to distribute. Joost tells me to “be patient” — amusing, since I’m doing them a marketing favor. My other source hasn’t panned out yet. But hope springs eternal.

103 thoughts on “Need a Joost Invite?”

  1. Help me “abuse” my high-speed Comcast connection even more. (been warned once already…)

  2. Love ZNF – I get happy when my Google Reader tells me that you’ve updated. I’d love to check out Joost, too.

  3. i’m down with some joost action. i think i clicked on the series3 tivo link about 10 times today, pondering on buying it…

  4. I’m an American living in Japan and would love to have some other options for television viewing.(Not a lot of options with Japanese television.) I have a blogsite and periodically describe my adventures in Japan. Does this make me worthy?

  5. hi i’d love to receive an invitation to joost i’m trying for more than two weeks , no chance maybe now????

  6. Hope you still got some invites left, have tried everwhere else and non of my usual sources can get me in cos it’s too popular, funny how it seems more popular than any of Microsoft’s Beta Tests that I normally get invited to.

    Anyhow if anyone still has any:


    I will of course distribute any invites I can if I get into the Beta, after all one good turns deserves another.

  7. Dave – Any chance of getting an invite now that beta testers are getting unlimited invitations?


  8. Of course I’d love a Joost invite, but I’ll still be a loyal ZNF fan even if you can’t spare one. Love your blog!

  9. can i have a joost invite? Please. I think i really deserve one -grin-

    we purposefully let go of comcast cable over 2wks ago – let’s just say things on very quiet in the evenings now…

  10. Please send an invite this way:


    i’ll spread the word and make sure others know about Joost!

  11. Please, thanks! If I get an invite, I will return to this blog entry and send out invites to others on the list!

    jeff at box464 dot com

  12. would love to get an invite. Are sitting on a boat in Lap Paz, Mexico and this would enable us to catch p with some of the world happenings

  13. Hey from Brasil,
    any invite available?! :)
    bolfaine (at) gmail (dot) com
    Thx a lot!!

  14. I just bought a mac pro and want to check this new stuff out. I am a total geek, please ?

    Thank you !

  15. Have really been looking forward to this, if someone could send me an invite I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

    Email: WantJoost(at)Yahoo(dot)com

  16. Ditto what everyone else says. You rock for offering this to complete strangers!


  17. I’ll send a link with your web address to every e-mail that I send out for 3 days.
    This offer expires on May 9th 2007

  18. Whoopsi, I guess you need an email to send it to? Mine is nerfhammer and it’s at

  19. This is great page you have to hlep others. i would love to be invited. Thank you

  20. Oooh, like your page a lot, please send invite. love sling player by the way! groovy for my ibook!

  21. Looks like you have plenty of people to choose from, but please add me to your invite list. Thanks.

  22. Hi,
    Please send me a Joost invite praseedgopal (at)
    I’m badly looking for it.


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