Disney Tron Lightcycle: One Size May Not Fit All

While we’re still about a year out from the Tron Lightcycle Run, Disney recently celebrated a construction milestone in the Magic Kingdom and debuted some sample cycles to whet our appetites. And my wife mentioned a rather tall, but slender woman seemed to have some trouble getting her calves properly positioned under the support bars…. which got me wondering about the somewhat unique seating alignment and who amongst us may experience some difficulty.

The above video does seem positive for larger folks with an interest in Lightcycle Run, but I assume we won’t know complete seating details until cast members validate a safe, secure fit of the back plate (as they do on other rides). However, beyond one’s actual ability to get into cycle are comfort-related matters, of course. I’m not quite obese, yet beyond size, I doubt I’d be comfortable on an already exerting physiological experience due the prone position and pancaking that seem to far exceed Avatar Flight of Passage. Having said that, I’m absolutely confident the lightcycle ride will be a big hit for many.

(Photo courtesy of “frikitiki” Joel via CC BY-ND 2.0.)

3 thoughts on “Disney Tron Lightcycle: One Size May Not Fit All”

  1. I have struggled on some rides at parks, more so than people that are much larger than me in the belly region. My main issue is that I carry some weight in my thighs, while some larger up-top folks sometimes tend to have skinnier legs and thighs. As such, I struggle when the sides of the seat are too narrow for me, which a lot of coasters are. This one doesn’t seem like it would be as much of a problem in that area, but the position looks awfully uncomfortable, especially for a coaster. Unless they have devised a very smooth ride motion, it will likely be too much for me to handle in my ever-advancing age! My middle daughter will love it, though, as she can’t get enough of roller coasters!

  2. I have experienced Tron in Shanghai. I can tell you that a very large percentage of people will be fine. I can also say that it is a phenomenal ride. Dont take this article as a negative, easy to ride!

  3. I went on Tron in Shanghai Disneyland in October 2019. My god. One of the most fun roller coasters I’ve ever been on!

    Roller coasters are not intended for people in poor physical healthy – they typically have signage about that.

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