Hands On The Roku Smart Home Camera Channel

In conjunction with Roku launching their line of white-labeled Wyze smart home paraphernalia, the streaming pioneer also released the requisite corresponding set-top “channel” — while it’s not the more holistic approach we were anticipating, the Roku Smart Home Cameras app is certainly good enough as an initial attempt moving in the direction of Apple TV … Read more

The Must-Have Streaming Services

As prices continue to climb, it feels as though we’ve entered a new chapter of video streaming. One in which many of us will be more selective in what we subscribe to and at what frequency. Here’s a breakdown of some recent price hikes: Service Monthly Increase Effective Date Disney+ $3 (38%) 12/8/22 Apple TV+ … Read more

Big Savings On Big Amazon Echo

The full-size 4th generation Amazon Echo is on sale for $50 — at 50% off, this is an all-time low. The full Echo features way bigger sound than the Echo Dot. In fact, I previously bought a couple to use as speakers with Fire TV. Originally I had a pair, uh, paired to a Fire … Read more

Trick Out Your HOME Audio With Spotify CAR Thing

While Spotify no longer manufactures hardware, they continue to unload Car Thing inventory at steep discounts. Given generally stronger European consumer protections, I suspect they’ll continue to support it for quite some time. As such, a number of my Twitter buddies have been picking up this automotive accessory … for their home offices. You see, … Read more

Ecobee Readies Video Doorbell

For several years now, ecobee’s been trying real hard to expand beyond the smart thermostat with a video camera, contact sensors, and wall switches. And, as you can see above, a doorbell is up next. As to why one might choose an ecobee video doorbell, over any of the numerous existing offerings, we’ll likely have … Read more

Roku Smart Home Hardware & Software Confirmed As Wyze

Last week, Roku boldly entered the Smart Home space with an initial product offering “developed in partnership with Wyze.” And, boy, do the business considerations and implications fascinate me. We’ll never have a full accounting of the relationship (although I’m quite looking forward to Roku’s quarterly securities call), so I’ll just go ahead and assume both … Read more

Roku Expands Into Smart Home, With Some Help From Wyze

By way of Reddit, Walmart, a pair of shipping manifests (1, 2), and some noodling around we learn that Roku is imminently expanding beyond streaming media and into the smart home… with more than a half dozen white-labeled Wyze products, a seemingly confirmed ‘Roku Smart Home’ Channel, and likely a new dedicated mobile app. Thus … Read more

Pre-Prime Day Streaming Hardware Deals

In the best “bang for the buck” category, we’ve got a few solid streaming deals ahead of everyone’s second favorite shopping holiday. Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max – $35 A good buy at full price, the Max is a great value at 36% off and will see years of updates given its a power. … Read more