Wyze Floodlight Cam Goes Pro

Wyze’s Year of The Camera continues… with the upcoming Wyze Cam Floodlight “Pro” soon joining the festivities.

As we’ve come to learn, Wyze has applied the “Pro” designation to both the higher resolution Wyze Cam v3 Pro and newly revealed Wyze Cam Outdoor Pro. Similarly, I can confirm the refreshed Wyze Floodlight Cam Pro will move to 2K versus the existing floodlight cam’s 1080p┬ávideo.

Speaking of the current cam, instead of simply bolting a v3 cam onto a chassis with the requisite lighting, the Wyze Pro floodlight is a purpose-built solution with new dome camera. However, it’s not yet clear if it has the ability to pan & tilt. Also unclear is the power situation — is this a hardwired-only affair, as competitor Blink is doing with their second generation floodlight camera. Or might there also be a battery option… as I do see references to that.

On the lighting front, I’ve encountered renders with both two and three LED panels. I’m unsure if this is a space-saving artistic liberty of if the camera can be customized for each home’s unique requirements. For comparative purposes, the current Wyze floodlight outputs up to 2600 lumens.

Unfortunately, there’s no information available yet on Wyze Floodlight Cam Pro pricing or timing.

Update: Redditor zxppxz acquired what could be a prototype of the Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro from a liquidator (?!) for $35 and I’ve included the related photograph above. Sadly, the Wyze app doesn’t yet support the new hardware and its owner is unable to get it going.

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  1. The 2K through online independent tests by users has shown the resolution to not really be that much better at all than the regular v3 (not 2k). Search Youtube. Also the audio is not improved either.

  2. Can you disable the siren? The V3 doesnt work not even when you set up a rule to turn siren off. Annoying as hell.

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