Amazon Fire TV Recast DVR Is Humongous (and not very good)

I finally took possession of an Amazon Fire TV Recast DVR… and, boy, is it is massive. I assume Amazon went with off-the-shelf components to get to market quickly and, should they find success in this space, invest more resources in a smarter, custom design for v2… much as they did in utilizing the Blackberry … Read more

HDHomeRun Premium TV Not Long For This World?

Silicon Dust’s groundbreaking cord cutter service that co-mingles pay television with over-the-air broadcasts, via HDHomeRun hardware, appears to be on the ropes given a lawsuit filed against Omnivese, their upstream content provider: “Plaintiffs (Disney, Sony, Fox, etc) have not granted licenses that permit Defendant DeMeo or Omniverse to stream the Copyrighted Works or sublicense streams … Read more

Stanford Streams Free TV (to all!)

Aereo may be long gone, but the dream of streaming affordable local television (without an antenna) lives on. And a Stanford University research project has answered the call with Puffer. We enjoy some television on-the-house and they use machine learning to improve video streaming algorithms: We are trying to figure out how to teach a … Read more

TiVo Contemplates Premium Channels For Cord Cutters

TechHive held quite the conversation with TiVo at CES. And one of the most promising revelations was TiVo contemplating a service similar to HDHomeRun Premium, to commingle streaming “cable” channels alongside OTA antenna television. Essentially, cable content without the cable company. But unlike, say, a walled garden Sling TV app, TiVo would would merge these … Read more

TiVo GameSkip Returns For Super Bowl LIII

TiVo’s 2018 “Game Skip” experiment appears to have been so successful that the DVR pioneer will once again invert their commercial skip functionality to spotlight Super Bowl ads. As described last year: Everyone knows that [the Super Bowl] commercials are some of the best, highest quality commercials of the year. So, we’re going to tag the … Read more

Arlo Ultra First Look: A Mixed Bag

With the release of Arlo Ultra, the company has upped the ante with not only 4K video quality, but also some neat new features including HDR, color night mode, auto track and zoom. But this jump to higher resolution and feature enhancements has some initial teething problems. Having unboxed the Ultra (below), I began the … Read more

TiVo Mini Wireless Adapter Slated For Midyear Release @ $60

TiVo has never taken the Mini wireless for television programming due to MPEG2 bandwidth considerations … and the resultant experience, which would be highly variable dependent upon ones home network. Of course, I told you how to take matters into your own hands (five years ago!). But for those still looking to something other than … Read more

Sonos Contemplates Atmos Satellite Speakers & Lower Priced Subwoofer

As Sonos looks to expand its market footprint, the company hit a number of customers today with a survey that describes potential products — each listed at various price points to gauge interest. Most interesting are Sonos One-esque speakers with enhanced bass and Dolby Atmos in addition to (finally) a more affordable Subwoofer, penciled in as … Read more