Comcast Wants To Be Your Apple TV

Love streaming apps but don’t love cable? Your friendly (ahem) neighborhood Comcast cable franchise would like to rent you a streaming set-top for $5/month. Of course, most cord cutters aren’t exactly interested in the ongoing fees and platform limitations associated with hardware rentals. Hence, the meteoric rise of Apple TV, Fire TV, and Roku. Yet, … Read more

Tablo Previews Automatic Commercial Skip

Like TiVo (currently) and Channels DVR (upcoming), Tablo is bringing automatic commercial skipping to over-the-air television recordings. The good news: You can see it in action below. The bad news: The company has delayed its release until late April. Don’t worry, we’re still committed to making that happen but there are some additional algorithm tweaking … Read more

TiVo’s Best Deal Ever

I’ve been tracking TiVo a hundred years now… and I’m fairly certain this is their best DVR deal ever. In typical TiVo marketing fashion, the “Presidents Day Sale Event” kicked off a few days after the scheduled holiday. But there’s no denying the savings are on point: $280 for a refurbished 4-tuner, 500GB TiVo Bolt … Read more

How To Download Amazon Recast DVR Recordings

The Amazon Fire TV Recast DVR may not be much to look at, yet the new entrant appears somewhat hackable as AFTVNews has just documented how to offload recordings. Of course, there are tons of reasons why you might want to do this — such as overcoming Amazon ecosystem lock-in, facilitate offline viewing, or to allow … Read more

Locast Free TV Next In The Barrel?

Several years after the questionable SCOTUS smackdown of Aereo, upstart Locast is similarly attempting to stream antenna television… to those who may not have reception or prefer to watch on something other than a television. Unlike the for-profit model of Aereo, which provided live television with DVR capabilities to customers via rented regional micro-antennas, Locast is … Read more

Amazon Fire TV Recast DVR Is Humongous (and not very good)

I finally took possession of an Amazon Fire TV Recast DVR… and, boy, is it is massive. I assume Amazon went with off-the-shelf components to get to market quickly and, should they find success in this space, invest more resources in a smarter, custom design for v2… much as they did in utilizing the Blackberry … Read more

HDHomeRun Premium TV Not Long For This World?

Silicon Dust’s groundbreaking cord cutter service that co-mingles pay television with over-the-air broadcasts, via HDHomeRun hardware, appears to be on the ropes given a lawsuit filed against Omnivese, their upstream content provider: “Plaintiffs (Disney, Sony, Fox, etc) have not granted licenses that permit Defendant DeMeo or Omniverse to stream the Copyrighted Works or sublicense streams … Read more

Stanford Streams Free TV (to all!)

Aereo may be long gone, but the dream of streaming affordable local television (without an antenna) lives on. And a Stanford University research project has answered the call with Puffer. We enjoy some television on-the-house and they use machine learning to improve video streaming algorithms: We are trying to figure out how to teach a … Read more