TiVo Stream Ecosystem Expands With New Remotes (and maybe a new dongle)?

Although TiVo ultimately intends to move beyond Android TV in the consumer space, they’re currently in the thick of things… and continue to iterate, despite staff departures. And a curious pair of TiVo “Brook” remote controls (shown above) has just passed through the FCC.

The original TiVo Stream 4K voice remote (shown below) goes by “Creek” and these new “Brook” remote counterparts could represent an expansion of the TiVo Stream family. The Brook pair consists of a basic model, probably offering identical functionality to the existing Stream remote, and a higher end unit which brings a remote finder, IR learning capabilities, and backlit keypad with associated ambient light sensor and accelerometer.

The lower-end Brook, manufactured by Remote Solutions, likely costs TiVo less money to produce than the UEI Creek. If TiVo continues to follow the Roku playbook, I could envision this remote paired with a new TiVo Stream HD dongle as a means of lowering the price of entry. However, I could also see them simply swapping the existing remote on the consumer side to contain costs, given the the current, favorable TiVo Stream 4K pricing. The higher-end remote could end up bundled with the 4K Stick and/or sold separately as something like “Pro” offering. It’s also possible one, the other, or both Brook remotes could merely be destined for TiVo cable and broadband partners — either Stream hardware or their Android IPTV solution.

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  1. I was looking for a second Tivo 4k remote until I discovered that the Android TV Remote Control app works with the Tivo 4k. It doesn’t do volume, but otherwise works rather well. Connects via wifi or BT, and will stay active after your screen times out without needing to enter your password.

  2. Also, we need to keep in mind that TiVo markets Stream both directly to consumers… and to cable/broadband partners. Plus, as mentioned in the post, there are multiple ways to slice and dice this – where they started in their thoughts may not be where they land. Much like their recent realization that Android TV isn’t the right long term platform for some of their solutions.

  3. Dave, the photo you show above, of a remote labelled as TiVo Creek, is not the remote that comes with the TiVo Stream 4K retail device. I’m pretty sure that it’s the remote that comes with TiVo’s Android TV Operator Tier IPTV boxes. Note the VOD button (only on operator devices) and the lack of a Skip button or the Android TV home (circle-icon) button (both present on the TS4K remote). My guess is that the new Brook remotes are also for their operator IPTV boxes, not for use with the TS4K or any other retail device.

  4. I feel like I have a pretty solid read of the tea leaves… but to address your points, I revised the post with some uncertainty — mostly given TiVo’s recent ADD but also as they serve dual markets. Anyhow, that visual was to highlight the TiVo Creek name and, thus, familial relationship to other moving water codenames. :) UEI has two TiVo Creek FCC filings, for reference, and here’s the “retail” one with the familiar buttons:


  5. They have told me repeatedly and emphatically, that it will not happen. And after losing/cutting a bunch of product people the last few months, it seems less likely. However, as I mentioned above, they have product ADD and could change their mind.

  6. I just don’t understand TiVos logic here. They’ve partnered with Sling, but Sling is only half a service as it purposely omits locals to keep the service cost down. So Sling is designed from the ground up to work alongside an OTA DVR. Both AirTV Player and AirTV Mini seamlessly integrate with various versions of AirTV OTA DVRs for this purpose. I just don’t understand how TiVo Stream can expect to compete without a similar OTA DVR companion, be it Edge, Bolt, whatever. Oh Mavrik, where art thou?

  7. Welp, looks like the TiVo Stream 4K is officially done at Walmart. Their website only offers it via a third-party seller now, and Brickseek doesn’t show any in stock at Walmart stores near multiple zip codes I’ve checked.

    Meanwhile, Amazon does still sell it themselves but the price has shot up today from the normal sub-$40 level to $54.55 at the moment. (See the price history at camelcamelcamel.) My guess is that supplies are dwindling down to the last few units and they’re squeezing the most they can out of them before the product is gone for good.

  8. We all kinda figured Walmart’s onn Android TV streamer would push TiVo aside (and I can’t imagine TiVo had more than a year placement deal plus Walmart not likely impressed with sales). But I wouldn’t assume Stream is done, despite pricing fluctuations. Who knows, maybe they’re getting ready to slot in a Stream HD. :)

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