ISPs Now Lease TiVo Stream 4K

As cablecos diversify their approaches to account for linear television defections, RCN, Grande, and Wave are pitching broadband subscribers the TiVo Stream 4K.

As a provider committed to bringing customers unique, affordable options, we continue to partner with brands such as TiVo and SLING TV to offer customers ultimate choice and control. With the TiVo Stream 4K, internet-only customers can connect our award-winning internet service to a compact and powerful device to create an entirely customizable entertainment experience with access to live TV, streaming services and free TiVo content in one place.

In chatting with TiVo earlier this week, I can confirm this is the very same TiVo Stream 4K you can pick up from Amazon. However, instead of $50 up front, RCN will let you rent it… with some pretty favorable terms:

TiVo Stream 4K is included as an add-on promotional offer and valid for 12 months from installation date; thereafter, price increases to $1.49 per month in months 13-24, regular rates apply thereafter. Additional TiVo Stream 4K devices are available for $0.99/month (each) for 12 months, up to 5 devices total per home. Price for additional TiVo Stream 4K devices increases to $1.49 per month (each) in months 13-24; regular rates apply thereafter.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen an ISP lease a streaming box like TiVo’s Android TV offering. But unlike some other initiatives, this is largely an agnostic over-the-top play – and a great deal for cord cutters seeking additional streaming hardware. But RCN customers who want content like cable on-demand, would need to step up to the TiVo IPTV solution (with all the associated cable bundle fees).

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  1. Seems like the TiVo DVR hardware is not long for this world and TiVo is making plays for software and streaming. Time to rethink our DVR arrangement at home.

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