The HDHomeRun Giveaway

Dave Zatz —  December 15, 2007


Well, it’s still that time of year… The news is slow and giving gifts is good. DVRUpgrade, generally known for providing TiVo hard drive upgrades (and a ZNF sponsor), let me play with the HDHomeRun ($~170) for the last few months and now we’re giving it away.

The HDHomeRun is a pretty clever dual-tuning HD device, handing both OTA ATSC and unencrypted digital cable (clear QAM). Not only does it dual tune but, by being a network device, it allows you to watch television content from any computer on the LAN — Sort of a rudimentary in-home place-shifting, if you will. The HDHomeRun is pretty much platform independent feeding Windows (Beyond TV, SageTV, Windows MCE), Mac OS X (VLC, EyeTV, SageTV), and Linux (SageTV, MythTV).

I will warn you that the HDHomeRun runs a bit geeky, requiring some effort to configure (I used it on Mac with VLC, and with Beyond TV and MCE on Windows) and your cable provider can derail you at any time by changing which digital HD channels are served in the clear and where they are located. However, it’s quite the useful and versatile little device — something I would have really appreciated a few years ago with my HTPC and projector.

If you want in on the giveaway, please leave one comment. The catch is that you must provide a link to another comment you’ve left on ZNF, excluding contest posts and excluding prior contest comment submissions. I’ll randomly pick the winner tomorrow AM, so I can get this shipped (lower 48 states only, please) before I hit the road for work.

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  1. I can have a Battle Royale with my Sony LocationFree, but this has the upperhand with that there HD.

  2. I’ve been waiting for the price to go down before I bought one. Free would be a good price. Thanks for having contests like this one.

  3. I usually read the site through my RSS feeder, and haven’t ever commented here.

    Are you saying I can make a new comment right now in another article and then post here with a link to it?

  4. Hmmm digging for old gold, I’m sure I have a rant or two somewhere…

    Ugh, search dose not support comments, so you can’t serch for your name to find a past comment.

  5. Ken, yes. But make sure it’s an intelligent comment. ;)

    griffon, Google is your friend: ‘griffon’

  6. This would sure come in handy…TIA Dave

    Link to comment:

  7. I came very close to picking up one of these, before settling on a Series 3 instead.

  8. Looks like a cool device I’d like to add to my media system.

  9. I would love this to get a little QAM recording going on……

  10. I have one of these and use it Beyond TV. It works great, but I could always use another. You can never have enough tuners.

    Comment on Apple TV:

  11. I’ve been considering one of these for a long time…it always a chicken and egg thing that keeps me from buying it: while I have a MCE pc running, I don’t really use the media center functions.

    the HD home run would finally force me to do so…

  12. According to, Jon is the winner!