Time Warner Cable Out Of HD DVRs?

I’ve heard cable companies have occasionally been short on CableCARDs, but this is the first time that I recall reading about low DVR stock! An ABC affiliate writes:

Time Warner is all out of high-definition DVR boxes. If you pick up a regular box and put your name on the wait list for a DVR, you’ll get one as soon as Time Warner has them back in stock. The company that makes these DVR’s has been overwhelmed by requests for them, and cable companies all across the US are telling customers they’ll have to wait for the DVR’s.

I’d be interested in finding out which “company” produces these particular boxes (Scientific Atlanta?) and if TWC is just redirecting blame. Are “cable companies all across the US” really out of stock? Has anyone experienced this first hand?

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  1. I was told this by Comcast, about the 6412, in June of 2006. I was told this by Charter, about the SA8000, two weeks ago. In both cases I persisted (once by visiting the lobby walkup window; once by getting my call transferred around) and within 30 minutes of the initial denial they had “found” one for me.

  2. The story in St. Louis is that Charter is very stingy with the Moxi HD DVRs… but I think that’s more due to Charter being too cheap/broke to buy more Moxis (other symptom: we’re losing HD content – we just lost our CBS affiliate’s HD feed and we never had ABC’s) than it is to lack of supply from Motorola.

  3. I just got a new place and I have Time Warner Cable and they said that it could 6 weeks or more to get a DVR box for me. I can’t believe that they don’t have a single DVR Box in any wherehouse in the county of Los Angeles. I am almost so desprate for a DVR I am willing to buy on from ebay or something. I can’t stand not having my tv shows ready for me when I get home at night

  4. It’s the same thing in Houston. They say they have no idea when more will come in, offer to put you on a wait list and give you no further information.

  5. I recently signed up with Comcast in CT. Specifically asked about the HD DVR and said it was the sole reason I was switching to them. I was told it was not a problem. The tech came out to do the install and said they were out of HD DVR’s and would install a regular DVR. I reluctantly agreed. I am still waiting for the HD DVR. I have called several times. If I don’t get one soon I will be contacting the better business bureau. It seems kind of silly for a company to say we don’t know when we will get new equipment when anyone can just walk into a Best Buy/Circuit City and pick up a Tivo HD DVR. I now feel I should have kicked the installer out and said no HD DVR no service, and to come back when they had one.

  6. I have been on a waiting list in Atlanta since 12/16/06. Every time I call they confirm I am on the list, but do not tell when any HD DVR boxes will be available. It is a proverbial black hole. My next step is to visit the local office and try a more aggresive approach. Other friends who use Charter are also waiting. This is joke that is not too funny. And they are pushing hard to convert me to their IP phone service.

  7. I just took my non DVR HD box into my local Time Warner outlet today (middletown, ohio, north of cincinnati) and they traded it without a problem. They gave me a scientific atlanta box and it’s definatly HD.

  8. I have been waiting since mid-January, TWC called me today to set up an appt to instal the HD box. I am crossing my fingers that they actually come through. From the date I was placed on the waiting list to my appointment date will have been 4 months. That is terrible customer service…

  9. I’m experiencing this right now with Comcast. I called last week to have someone come correct an internet issue and asked they bring a DVR with them. When they arrived they said they were out of stock. A week later, they still are. I can’t seem to get any answers as to why there’s a shortage or even when to possibly expect them to be back in stock.

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