That Gnawing New Gadget Urge

I woke up this morning wanting something new. I have a bunch of unopened stuff just waiting for review, but I’m not feeling those items. And I know the iPhone will be here in a few days, but $600 is not an impulse buy (and it doesn’t have a keyboard or stylus). I need a new camera, but learning how to use it seems like work. I don’t love my GPS, which makes me think about picking up Telenav service and bluetooth puck for my Blackjack (and next phones) – but that’s more practical than fun. So I wonder if it’s time for Wii…

18 thoughts on “That Gnawing New Gadget Urge”

  1. How about getting a nice new Blackberry……..I just picked up the 8830 (with 3G—I’m planning ahead for the sling client that i KNOW has to be coming…….;) )

    Dave, since you work for Sling, and since i’m an awesome beta tester (JS91), any way you could hook me up before my europe trip this summer????

    e-mail me :D

  2. If they offered one or the other, I might be an early adopter. I could obviously thumb type with a physical keyboard, but have my doubts regarding the virtual one. Or they could resurrect some Newton technology and give me a stylus along with handwriting recognition. Obviously the iPhone isn’t designed for heavy message composition… Which will be fine for many, but doesn’t work for me.

  3. So far I’ve resisted all temptations to make a purchase. Mainly because I’ve been busy with work and cleaning the apt. Though we’re going out now… and retail is nearby.

  4. I got the itching today as well…and came home with a TomTom One XL GPS and a 1TB Western Digital World Book NAS device! Hot damn!

  5. We swung by Target after dinner… Wii was sold out! ;) So I thought about the DS, but passed.

    That Western Digital supposedly has some nice software powering it and the price is reasonable.

  6. I’m actually selling off a lot of my old junk in order to satisfy my gadget craving with a Macbook Pro. I even coinstarred 5 years worth of spare change! Needless to say, I’m a few bucks short.

  7. Dude…get a Wii. Totally worth it. As for that NAS device, I haven’t had a chance to open it yet, but I hope it has good software. It is Linux-based is all I know. As I work for a storage company, I will know a good NAS implementation when I see it, so I hope you are right!

  8. So many like-thinkers commenting on the same thread… I like it. Let’s see, I just added the Dell 2407WFP and bought a barebones mac mini 1.83 on ebay and upgraded it to the max 2GB RAM and 250GB WD 5400rpm hard drive, all so I could dedicate my MBPro to editing. The Garmin Nuvi 660 (added in April) was a brilliant move, so easy – and I used a $187 gift card for Amazon acquired from a Coinstar machine. For NAS, I’m waiting for the Drobo to add NAS capabilities. Heard good things about it on TWIT #100. For gaming, I have yet to unbox my new Golden Tee Home Edition unit – I’m not an elite gamer.

  9. i was at best buy picking up a gift 2 weeks ago, and there were no wii’s or ps3’s on the shelves…i wander past customer service and i see a huge stack of ps3’s in the back, so i ask if there are any wii’s, and there was one left…

    i had been looking at many stores when i was there, but never asking, since its such a high-demand item they must not be putting any on the shelves. go figure the first time i ask, i find one. moral of the story: if you don’t see one, ask for one.

    get a wii, dave! you’ll love it…

  10. I guess $600 is in impulse-buy range. Just ordered a treadmill for delivery next Monday.

    Re dedicated GPS units: They appeal to me, but after my last two GPS units had outdated maps and no real upgrade path I’m thinking Telenav is my solution.

    Big John: I’m also waiting for Drobo to add NAS capabilities. My media contact there was vague when I questioned him, so I assume it’s on the roadmap… but who knows when we’ll see it. Until then, ReadyNAS is not cheap but the feature set is compelling. Hm.

    Jon: I was at a Best Buy last month that had a few dozen Wiis in stock, but I didn’t have the urge that day. Guess I should have pulled the trigger. Though the lack of awesome games slowed (and still slows) me. The web browser’s got me intrigued though…

  11. I’m with you Dave, want something new, something with a “catchy” name. Something else to add to my “sling” full of gadgets. I don’t know… maybe I’m just “projecting”…

    Too coy?


  12. Actually had this same urge a few weeks back and picked up a DS Lite.

    2 weeks and 5 games later I’m happy with the purchase.

  13. Ah, the SlingCatcher… :) It connects to a television and will display audio/video from a networked computer and/or a Slingbox. I’m sure I sound like a broken record these days, but all I can say it that will arrive in the second half of ’07.

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