James Kim Memorial Fund Charity Raffle

Dave Zatz —  January 25, 2007

Stephen (aka TiVoStephen, aka Director of TiVoCast Operations) and I were deeply moved by the Kim family ordeal and the tragic death of James while trying to find help for his wife and children. I thought it would be worthwhile to leverage ZNF to raise money for the James Kim Memorial Fund, and I approached Stephen for assistance. Without hesitation he agreed to reserve a TiVo Toaster for this task and helped brainstorm the mechanics of raising funds.


So, if you were waiting for an excuse to make sure the Kim girls have a paid ticket to college, here’s your incentive: For every $10 you send via PayPal (davezatz@yahoo.com) through 1/31/07, you will get one entry in a raffle for the unique TiVo Toaster. Each entry will receive a number and the winning entry will be randomly selected. I will pick up the cost of the TiVo Toaster and all PayPal fees. At the conclusion of the raffle, I will send a check to CNET for the total amount donated plus ZNF’s Google Adsense income for the month of December. Stephen will have the TiVo Toaster shipped to the lucky recipient.

8 responses to James Kim Memorial Fund Charity Raffle

  1. Great idea Dave! I’ll send you some money later today.

  2. Thanks for putting this together, Dave!

  3. Really good call!


  4. Great idea, Dave. I’m in.

  5. My money’s in. Nice thought Dave.

  6. GOOD JOB.

  7. Hey Dave,

    Maybe you should contact PayPal and ask them to reimburse the fees as a friendly gesture and donate the reimbursment to the charity.

    Just an Idea…


  8. Good call on the PayPal idea. Who knows, maybe they would even match!