James Kim Memorial Fund Charity Raffle

Stephen (aka TiVoStephen, aka Director of TiVoCast Operations) and I were deeply moved by the Kim family ordeal and the tragic death of James while trying to find help for his wife and children. I thought it would be worthwhile to leverage ZNF to raise money for the James Kim Memorial Fund, and I approached Stephen for assistance. Without hesitation he agreed to reserve a TiVo Toaster for this task and helped brainstorm the mechanics of raising funds.


So, if you were waiting for an excuse to make sure the Kim girls have a paid ticket to college, here’s your incentive: For every $10 you send via PayPal (davezatz@yahoo.com) through 1/31/07, you will get one entry in a raffle for the unique TiVo Toaster. Each entry will receive a number and the winning entry will be randomly selected. I will pick up the cost of the TiVo Toaster and all PayPal fees. At the conclusion of the raffle, I will send a check to CNET for the total amount donated plus ZNF’s Google Adsense income for the month of December. Stephen will have the TiVo Toaster shipped to the lucky recipient.

8 thoughts on “James Kim Memorial Fund Charity Raffle”

  1. Hey Dave,

    Maybe you should contact PayPal and ask them to reimburse the fees as a friendly gesture and donate the reimbursment to the charity.

    Just an Idea…


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