PSP Getting Internet Radio (Maybe Direct Downloads)


Sony has announced that Japanese PSP owners will be getting an update (3.80) next week that includes Internet radio streaming. Interestingly, the screenshot (below) says “Powered by SHOUTcast”… which is produced by an AOL subsidiary. The software also includes enhanced RSS support for OPML and images. I assume these features will make it to the US in the near future, though we obviously won’t be receiving (or utilizing) the ability to schedule video recordings via digital tuner.

Additionally, rumors have surfaced that the PSP may be getting directing downloads. Though, as Gizmodo points out: downloadable content isn’t worth a damn unless there is something good to download. Given the limited selection of games (and no movies) in the recently launched PSP online store, I can’t say that I’m feeling too hopeful. But I haven’t dumped my (second) PSP yet..


9 thoughts on “PSP Getting Internet Radio (Maybe Direct Downloads)”

  1. The good news is Sony is at least continuing work on the PSP. I think the PSP has a great deal of potential – most of it unutilized.

  2. That’s a very good point and they deserve credit for that. So many (of my) gadgets have been abandoned, it’s nice to see work continues. From day one, though, I’ve been hoping for a keyboard accessory and POP email client. Seems like they could steal some functionality from the MYLO…

  3. With POP email client and keyboard – next thing is a microphone and you could change it to a huge-A** cell phone – lol
    Seriously thought POP email would be great and memory is cheap now too.

  4. This is great news, its a shame that it takes so long for Sony to catch up with what hackers were doing to the PSP for a long time.

  5. This is why i love the PSP, they keep adding great features which definetly makes it worth the money. This is a feature that I’ll definetly be looking forward to

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