PSP Game Download Store Launches

playstation-store-psp.jpgI was fired up when I read about Sony’s new PSP web-based game download service last week. In fact, I’d expected Sony to take advantage of the PSP’s WiFi connectivity much earlier to provide both game downloads and video downloads, leveraging their catalog of movie and television content. But, therein lies the rub… The new game download service doesn’t utilize WiFi. In light of the iTunes WiFi store and Kindle’s EVDO connectivity, PSP’s Windows helper app seems a bit archaic for a new service. However, I did install it and intended to check out some of the game downloads: several PS One classics and two PSP titles ranging from ~$6-$15/each. Turns out my Memory Stick isn’t large enough for any of the games and I’m not motivated to upgrade it given the current catalog. I’m considering holding onto my PSP a little longer with hopes Sony does something more interesting… via WiFi. If they do, I might even downgrade my router to support 802.11b.

7 thoughts on “PSP Game Download Store Launches”

  1. Like you Dave I was dissapointed in the service as well. It is nice to see that us non-PS3 owners can now use the store but when it takes almost an hour to download a 45mb demo and you have to have the PSP hooked up to the usb port the whole time to me was alittle retarded.
    This may turn out to be a nice service from Sony but one I may not use alot of.

  2. Sony will never create any software for the MacOS. They are seen as a rival of Sony. Numerous interviews with Sony personnel have made this statement. They have no plans of supporting that system ever.

    It’s stupid really.

    I installed the download software and am now (still, hours later) waiting for my confirmation email so I can at least test it out.

    Sony makes all their software unnecessarily rinky. It’s disappointing. I was a bit worried about the stability of the software install also, given their fabulous background with things like MagicGate and their rootkit-inducing music player installation.


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