Sprint Samsung UpStage Giveaway


As promised, here’s your chance to win the schizophrenic multi-talented Samsung UpStage for use on the Sprint network. And if you end up feeling like I do about this phone… well, these things are moving for over $150 on ebay.

On the last two giveaways (Tendon, Monster) I had the distinct impression that some non-regulars stumbled in looking for freebies. Perhaps they compulsively search Technorati for blog contests? Who knows. While I obviously appreciate new folks checking out the site, I prefer to save the goodies for those who’ve invested a bit more in the success of ZNF. So…

Leave one comment saying you want in on the giveaway. The catch is that you must provide a link to a previous comment you’ve left here, other than prior contests. (The comment date stamp is your permalink.) And if you’ve never left a comment, now you’ll have some incentive going forward. Let’s see how this experiment works out…

And speaking of sharing the love, many thanks to Kenneth for the TiVo Rewards referral. For others also feeling generous, my email address is: davezatz@yahoo.com

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