Out With The Old, In With The New: Muziq Replaces UpStage


I was pretty psyched a few months back when Sprint told me they were shipping a Samsung UpStage to evaluate… However, the reality of the device hasn’t been impressive at all. I’m a big fan of Samsung products, and over the years I’ve probably owned more Samsung phones than any other (back in the day they were the only ones who provided desktop stands) including my current mobile (Blackjack). Having said that… The UpStage is just way too schizophrenic. On paper it sounds clever — phone on one side, MP3 player on the other. But practically speaking, it’s mostly a pain to hit the Flip button and rotate the phone when you want to do something. Any time you want to see if phone is powered, you have to check both sides. Don’t even get me started on battery life. Beyond that, the touchpad is squirrelly and not very intuitive. Sprint service was generally very good and ordering music was relatively painless… and I’m looking forward to trying it on a (hopefully) better designed handset that just arrived: the LG Muziq.

After Sprint deactivates the UpStage at the end of the month, I’ll do a site giveway – so stay tuned.

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