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I came away from the Monster blogger event with a few goodies. So Outlets to Go 6-port (I travel with the 3-port) and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest on Blu-ray are up for grabs. Leave one comment telling me which you could use, and in a day or so I’ll randomly pick the winners.

30 thoughts on “Get Connected Giveaway”

  1. I could definitely use the Outlets to Go. I travel with a two-prong extension cord in my laptop bag, and sometimes it’s just not enough. Thanks for sharing, Dave!

  2. sign me up for a chance at the power strip.

    I’m thinking… 5 seconds worth of commenting vs. $?.?? for a powerstrip I’ll need sooner or later. It’s like the math just does itself.

    meanwhile, I’m still on the HD media format fence. I suspect the mad push of cheapo HD-DVD players through walmart this xmas will really change the landscape.

  3. I’ve stopped buying DVDs. Why? I’m sitting out the format wars as a conscientious objector. When I stopped, I decared that “Pirates 2” would be my first hi-def acquisition. You could make that a reality.

  4. I’d definitely use the 6 port outlet. It looks very sleek and compact for a power strip, sort of like me :D
    And, PIRATES on Blu-ray WOOO! HOOO! That is very cool!

  5. I could use the 6 port outlet to go, please.

    I travel very frequently for work and always forget to pack a power strip.

  6. I would be able to make use of the movie with my new PS3! That should buy me a bit of time until some good games come out…

  7. I would like to test the 6 port outlet. I think that it would add be a nice addition to my new setup and it would be cool writing an online review.

  8. I would like the 6 port outlet because I never win anything ever. You have the chance to restore my faith in the interweb!

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