TiVo HD Software Half Baked?


Megazone, along with others on the TiVo Community, are reporting TiVo HD pixelation (aka macroblocking) on certain stations in conjunction with Scientific Atlanta CableCARDs. I’ve already returned my review unit, so I’m unable to confirm. However, MZ says TiVo is aware of the problem… but cautions:

If you don’t want to risk experiencing the issue and you can’t live with it until TiVo issues a patch, you may want to hold off on picking up a TiVo HD until the final fix has been issued.

And if you’ve already made a purchase, remember TiVo provides a 30 day money back guarantee. The clock is ticking, TiVo.

8 thoughts on “TiVo HD Software Half Baked?”

  1. I have a question about the HD. I currently use cable to a dual tuner model, but have an HD antenna hooked to the tv. I get decent reception, I want to upgrade to HD cable at some point. Is it possible to use the HD tivo with the analog cable and the hd antenna? Has anything been said about Tivo Desktop for the HD (or under Vista for that matter)?


  2. I have this same problem since I got my series 3. Tried multiple cable cards etc. So it is not limited to the tivo HD

  3. I wonder if it’s the same symptom but a different issue? Megazone has seen this on the TiVo HD but not on the Series3 using (I assume) the same brand of CableCARDs. I’m not sure what brand of cards I have in my S3 (though I’d guess Motorola), but I haven’t had any probs like this over the last year.

  4. Could be, I have been flagging info and providing feedback to tivo engineers for some time now with not much luck. Things are getting better but nowhere near problem free but can’t really talk about specifics at this juncture.

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