TiVo Central Online Beta

TiVo is beta testing the latest version of TiVo Central Online (TCO). The highlight of the website update is the ability to view upcoming television programming within a grid guide specific to your location and cable/satellite provider. Additionally, you can filter content via a personal color coding scheme. As with the current TCO, online scheduling is supported.

Overall, it’s a slick inerface that’s highly usable – a definite improvement over the current TCO and is even superior to Yahoo’s listings. For the geeks in the house, AJAX is powering the dynamic rendering.

The beta webpage can be found here: http://www3-beta.tivo.com/tivo-tco/index.do

You might want to check it out sooner, rather than later… no telling how quickly it will be yanked after this post goes live. ;)

10 thoughts on “TiVo Central Online Beta”

  1. enter me

    Thanks for pointing this out. I hope they take this layout and incorporate this with the conflict resolution of schedule. Like showing overlaps and letting you decide individually which should be recorded.

  2. It looks like it would be a welcome improvement to what is available now, if they can fix the speed issue. I’m on a T1 and it is SLOW. But then again, its based on AJAX and sometimes gmail is slow for me too.

  3. Enter me please…

    WOW, this new TCO is going to be cool. I’ve submitted my newest Beta application request and I hope it goes through.

    Being able to contact my TiVo from my work computer is fantastic, but at the slow speeds it currently works, it’s practically unusable.

    Let’s hear it for the great folks at TiVo who are always working hard to improve our TV viewing experiences!


  4. First thought: Wow. That looks good.

    Second thought: Meh. Still can’t filter out channels I don’t receive.

    Pretty, and useful to an extent. It is much faster than using the TiVo to search, that is for sure…but on the TiVo it will filter out channels I don’t get.

    PS: this IS a legit comment and review on the site, not just posting to be entered into the contest. However, please do enter me, with address supplied on request.

  5. I would still like to see more info about MY TiVo. Would be nice to know in advance what I was cancelling to record something, or see if my TiVo will already be recording this. I know there are privacy issues but still. At least give me a button that will send me an email with all tems my TiVo is going to record today. Oh and also . . .

    ENTER ME. Please.
    – Craig

  6. It is a more slick interface, but I typically only go to TCO when I know what I’m going to record (ie, a friend suggests something while I’m at work) so I just type it into the search bar. I’ve never really used the guide info that is there :(

    ( ENTER ME )

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