While I agree that tweets are largely ephemeral in nature, I appreciate my Twitter archive as a historical record and have no desire to join the ranks of the tweet-deleters. Yeah, I’ll delete the sporadic nonsensical, knee jerk, repetitive, or unfunny contribution. But I generally enjoy keeping my old stuff around. Exponentially so, as a blogger and since Twitter introduced native photos and video. However, Favorites, I just don’t get. I often star other’s tweets as an acknowledgement that I’ve read their 140 character note or as an ‘atta boy’ of sorts, if something is especially compelling — in which case, maybe I should have solely retweeted it to benefit my followers. Having these Favorite emoticon acknowledgements preserved for posterity seems like an exercise in noise, clutter, and perhaps misrepresentation. So I set out to delete the 8148 “likes” that I’ve anointed over the years.

No surprise: Twitter provides no mechanism to get this done. Fortunately, I stumbled upon Unfavinator which is the first and most important step in clearing the cruft. Continue Reading…


If you’ve been looking to expand your Sonos speaker collection or are just getting ready to ease into the addiction of top flight, whole-home audio, Sonos has got a deal for you. The smallest of the Sonos speakers, the Play:1, normally runs $199 a pop. However, as part of a limited time offer, Sonos is offering a “2-Room Starter Set” of two black or two white Play:1 wireless speakers for $349, shipped free. The Play:1 may be the least powerful entry in the Sonos lineup, but it’s the most aesthetically pleasing and subtly fits into more locales – including “high humidity” environments, like your steamy bathroom. In fact, once I finish unloading my sonically-challenged Amazon Echo novelty speakers, I intend to add a few Play:1s for streaming more online music to more locations around the home.


As promised back in January, Marriott has started deploying a suite of streaming applications to their Enseo set-tops and televisions… and Cord Cutters News has gone hands-on. Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, Hulu Plus and Crackle are available at select higher-end Marriot properties and it’s believed the plan is to expand to more and more diverse properties. At the moment, there aren’t any television-specific fees but you’ll be required to use your own subscription with Netflix and Hulu Plus. Even should the lineups shift over time, this is a great option and sure beats trying to get a Roku or Amazon Fire TV Stick working in the hotel (via WiFi Marriott once blocked). Or sadly “watching TV” via phone or tablet in bed, as I have on too many occasions. Two more interesting tidbits: Marriott’s Enseo TV remote has a dedicated Netflix button and supposedly the hotel will clear your credentials upon checkout.

By way of DISH Team Summit, Facebook, and a pair of low resolution videos we learn that not only is Channel Master getting real close to launching those “Linear Channels” of Internet content on DVR+, they’re also landing a SlingTV app. I’ve taken the liberty of concatenating the two grainy show-floor quick-takes (above) but intend to ping Channel Master to see how they feel if I shoot my own video (as I did for DVR+ upon release).

As the story goes, DVR+ is a fee-free, dual-tuning, over-the-air DVR (1TB, $400). That briefly lost its luster given TiVo Roamio OTA pricing that turned out to be a limited time offer (or another marketing mistake). However, TiVo’s return to unfavorable pricing makes DVR+, with the option of Sling TV, a highly compelling solution for a number of cord cutters. Continue Reading…


Roll-your-own home automation remains something of a niche endeavor, despite an accelerating mainstream shopping push, given a whole host of compatibility considerations and complexity … that many of us are likely familiar with. It probably doesn’t help that Apple’s HomeKit is largely a no-show at this point and LG rival Samsung has delayed their SmartThings refresh. And perhaps why someone like Comcast, with existing relationships and network, sees an opportunity to similarly mate retail gadgetry to cloud-based services. Amidst this chaos, ADT also drops their hat into the ring with an attractive piece of LG hardware and promises to link up Nest, IFFT, and others:

This sleek all-in-one combines beautiful form with the functions of HD video, ADT 24/7 professional monitoring and seamless home automation. And its powerful yet compact design complements your modern home while keeping you in touch with it, right from your phone.

The monitoring hub, perhaps akin to iControl’s Piper, doesn’t yet have a name. Nor does the service have a price. Also unclear… might this somehow tie into the ADTs rumored investment in Zonoff, who we admire as the brains behind Staples Connect. In any event, ADT is planning a Fall 2015 release at which point all will be revealed.

Plex to hit TiVo come June 8th (or sooner…)

Digital Media Bytes

Dave Zatz —  May 13, 2015


Samsung answers the Apple Watch Digital Crown with a rotating, round bezel
By turning the bezel around the screen, you can scroll through lists, zoom in and out of photos, adjust the volume, select items arranged in a circle, input numbers, and so on.

Sonos Version 5.4 Now in Public Beta
Coming soon on Sonos – sound enhancements for the PLAY:1, simpler setup for home theater, and more (now in beta).

Woman files suit after getting fired for deleting app that tracked her location
Attorneys for Arias said her boss admitted her location would be monitored outside of business hours and bragged that he knew the speed she was driving at specific moments as a result of the app. Plaintiff expressed that she had no problem with the app’s GPS function during work hours, but she objected to the monitoring of her location during non-work hours.

CEO Tim Armstrong Says AOL Is Staying In The Content Business
Armstrong: TechCrunch is not getting sold off. There will be editorial independence. And from a distribution and resource standpoint, it’s probably the most exciting deal we could have done.

Aol. Powered by Verizon

Dave Zatz —  May 12, 2015