Put A Fork In Arlo Security?

As first disclosed by us in 2018 and announced at CES 2019, Arlo Security may be dead… as an updated Arlo hub that nixes the existing, but dormant, Zigbee and Z-Wave radios has passed through the FCC. Now this wouldn’t be the first unreleased product the company has killed (sigh Arlo Pet), but it would certainly be the most high profile given press release and briefing of the home monitoring hardware: siren, sensor, remote. Of course, the company could still go down this path, taking on the likes of Ring and Nest… but it’d clearly utilize a different basestation and might implement different communication protocols.

5 thoughts on “Put A Fork In Arlo Security?”

  1. I would like to put a fork in Arlo all together. Of all my tech in my house, I think I hate Arlo cameras the most. Spotty connectivity, slow response, sucking down CR123’s faster than you can believe. I can’t wait to get up the motivation to run wired 4K cameras around. I have a buddy that has it, and MAN, his app response on his phone is HD, and almost instantaneous.

    I think you turned me on to Arlo, Dave, about a hundred years ago when you were filming scary creatures under your deck! LOL. I blame you! :)

  2. Back in the day, it was the only game in town and it was worth putting up with those batteries and slow spin up for live. Nowadays there’s several decent battery options to choose amongst.

  3. Which battery powered camera system has the most reliable person detection? I have Blink XT2s and get tired of false alerts from tree shadows moving due to wind. Defining an exclusion zone doesn’t seem to do zip.

  4. @Oliver, I forgot about that too. Those Arlo’s are the worst in windy conditions. I have mine dialed back to almost no sensitivity. Even then, I sometimes get so annoyed at the alerts that I shut them off. Then, of course, I forget to turn them back on. Good to know Arlo isn’t the only worthless battery cam.

    I wonder if wired cams have better detection.

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