Here Comes The Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite

Beyond the new eero 6 routers, via WinFuture, we now know Amazon is also posed to refresh at least the lower end of their Fire TV lineup later this week. Enter: the Fire TV Stick Lite.

As with its predecessors, the Lite is a relatively non-descript HDMI USB dongle. However, hopefully this new model features a bit more processing power to rival the existing 4K Stick’s responsiveness if it’s a straight-up replacement of the $40 2019 version. One might assume Lite also refers to resolution and this will be a 1080p offering, vs 4K, slotting in at an even lower price point should Amazon expand to three SKUs. The power brick looks a bit smaller, for whatever that’s worth, but the more notable physical changes are seen in the Alexa voice remote:

The highly valuable volume and power control buttons have been excised from the Lite’s remote. Perhaps dropping them is a way to reduce hardware cost and/or support expenses (while encouraging an upsell). But it stings. Like TiVo and Roku, Amazon is aggregating a variety of live content (streamed and/or OTA, dependent upon Fire hardware) within a somewhat unified guide… and the new remote will feature a live TV guide shortcut. For example, my Insignia Fire Television lists a mixture of OTA (via native tuner) and streaming Pluto Television channels (although what I’d really like to see is Channels DVR integration) … that is efficiently surfaced via the same button.

Update 9/24 PM: Amazon has come clean and the non-4K Fire TV Stick (link) has been refreshed with new internals, but keeps the same $40 price point. The Fire TV Stick Lite (link) is an expansion of the line, with the same updated and more sprightly processor, but ships with that simpler remote for $10 less.

8 thoughts on “Here Comes The Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite”

  1. If you’re using the stick for what it was built for then you have no problems.
    You all know what I’m talking about.

    They aren’t reducing the price to nothing because these are golden to Amazon.

    Maybe making one that will hold 16 gigs of storage and do something with the memory.

    Love the fire stick. But this lite model not needed.

  2. I purchased a refurbished 1st gen stick about 3 yrs ago. I’m happy with it. I don’t own anything with the Alexis on it. When you highjack it that button is worthless anyway.

  3. Amazon seems to really be reaching at thus point, its as if they’ve run out of ideas. It would be a absolute waste to buy a Lite version for a number of reasons and you would be giving up the best feature to happen to the Firestick power button and volume control…smh

  4. To all those complaining. Another company has fixed all that is broken with firesticks. It’s called Roku. You are very welcome.

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